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Bertha Leith (nee Clark) fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Bertha Clark
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.31
Accession Number
Date Range
Physical Description
24 photographs (b/w)
History / Biographical
Bertha Miriam Clark was born on Prince Edward Island but attended public and high school in Brandon, MB. She was a member of the Class of 1929 and served as Lady Stick in her final year at Brandon College. Clark married J. Scott Leith, Brandon College Class of 1928. Scott and Bertha Leith's son James Clark Leith is in the Canadian Who's Who.
Custodial History
Album was sent to Pat Britton, Brandon University Director of Alumni Relations, by Bertha Leith in April 1991. Britton then transferred it to the McKee Archives.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of a small accordian style photograph album (7 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm) created by Bertha Clark during her years at Brandon College. The photographs, which measure 4" x 2.75", depict numerous people and events.
History/Bio information taken from the 1928-1929 Sickle.
Name Access
Bertha Clark
Ruth Bingham
Professor Richards
Lil Bullman
Clark Hall
Brandon College Building
Jean Hitchings
Lloyd Bowler
Kay Underwood
Scott Leith
Denis Phillpots
Donald Ritchie
Harold Cairns
Andrew Clark
Isabel Hitchings
A. Foster
Rundle McLachlan
Carl Wickland
Doris Bingham
Doris Dowling
Ella Whitmore
Meta Mischpeter
Vera Ulinder
Josh Thompson
Doris Cochrane
Frank Kerr
Cyril Richards
Thomas Russell Wilkins
Flo Turnbull
Esther Magoon
Hilda Harrison
Doris Ireton
Mrs. Richards
W.L. Wright
Annie Evans Wright
Miss Hatch
Jennie Turnbull
Mrs. MacNeill
Mrs. C.G. Stone
Helen Duncan
Constance Lamontagne
Marian Bulloch
Mabel Craig
Subject Access
Class of 29'
Sports Day 1925
English Club
Lake Percy
Arts 1929
CPR depot
Brandon College boys 1925-1927
18th Street Hill
Class of 1928
Class of 1929
Class of 1930
Class of 1931
arts faculty outing
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.31 Bertha Leith (nee Clark)
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Edward Lloyd Bowler collection (36-1999)
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Marionne Scott fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1926-1934; 1941
Accession Number
23-2008, 3-2009
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.29
Accession Number
23-2008, 3-2009
multiple media
Date Range
1926-1934; 1941
Physical Description
1 photograph album
1 graduate's book
Physical Condition
Very good
History / Biographical
Marion (Marionne) Louise Scott was born January 13, 1913 at Ste. S, Parkview Block, Brandon, MB to Annie Louisa Lawson and David Henry (Harry) Scott. She attended St. Michael's Academy and Brandon College (Arts, Class of 1933), graduating with a teching certificate. At some point following her graduation she moved to Toronto, living with her Aunt and Uncle Olive and Keith Murphy, while working for Massey Harris. Eventually Marionne became Private Secretary to the president James Duncan. She also worked with E.P. Taylor and Colonel Phillips during her duration with the company. Marionne met her husband Robert (Roy) Warden Jamieson through friends at the Parkdale Canoe Club, which is now the Boulevard Club on Lakeshore Avenue in Toronto. They were married on December 26, 1944. Following their retirement, Marionne and Roy spent their winters in Florida. Marionne Scott Jamieson died on July 20, 1990 in Mississauga Ontario. Both she and her husband are buried in Park Lawn Cemetery at Bloor Street and Prince Edward Drive in west Toronto. A number of the individuals identified in the photographs are members of Marionne's extended family or friends. Basic biographical information for both side of her family are below. Additional biographical information on the Lawson and Scott families is available at the McKee Archives. Maternal relatives: William Lawson was born c. 1849 in Markham Township, Ontario where his parents had settled from England. In September 1875 he married Alice Brunskill (born c. 1854) in Buttonville, Ontario. The couple settled on a farm at Aurora, Ontario before come west in 1892. Lawson and his family settled in the Hayfield district south of Brandon where he farmed until c. 1916. During his farming years, Lawson made a number of trips to Scotland and Ireland for the Manitoba government to secure immigrants. After retiring from farming, Lawson became an agent for the Manufaturers' Life Insurance Company. Lawson's brother, Reverend Thomas Lawson, organized the first Methodist congregation in Brandon. William Lawson and Alice Brunskill had seven children: William Ernest (married Maragret Louise Conling 23/11/1904 in Souris, MB) Clarkson Brunskill (married Florence?) Annie Louisa (married David Henry (Harry) Scott 29/06/1910 in Brandon, MB) Alice May (married Arthur Ferrier Valens 27/06/1912 in Winnipeg, MB) Fred J. (married Lottie C. Gibb 18/04/1906 in Selkirk, MB) Frank Hill (married Cora Ethel Cunningham 11/03/1914 in Oakland) Olive Gertrude (married William Keith Murphy 25/12/1923 in Brandon, MB) Paternal relatives: David Hunter Scott was born in 1851 in Brampton, Ontario. After completing his education he became a telegraph operator and then deputy postmaster for his hometown. In 1873, he moved to Manitoba, settling at Meadow Lea, where he took up a homestead. After fifteen years engaged in farming, Scott moved on to become a representitve for an implement manufacturing company. In 1892, he moved to Brandon to become manager of the Brandon Times newspaper. Four years later he founded D.H. Scott and Son, a real estate and insurance business he operated with his son David Henry until his death in September 1943. David Hunter Scott married Anne Jane Lipsett (born 1854) of Meadow Lea, MB on May 24, 1876. Together they had ten children: John Frederick Robert Wesley David Henry (Harry) (married Annie Louise Lawson 26/06/1910 in Brandon, MB) William James Caroline (married Christopher Russell Heise) Annie Louise (married Alexander Ferguson (died 1927), married Nettleton Whitby Kerr) Mary Emaline (married David Gordon Bawtinheimer) Lillian Georgina (died August 9, 1931) Josiah Aikens (died during World War I) Reginald Jacob (married Norma May Hughes 16/08/1915 (Reginald died during World War I))
Custodial History
The photograph album and graduate's book were sent to Alumni Relations by Ruth L. Murphy on March 31, 2004. Both items had been in the possession of Marionne Scott, passing to her husband Robert Jamieson upon her death. When Jamieson died the items came into the possession of Ruth Murphy, whose husband was Marionne's first cousin. Carla Eisler, Alumni Relations, transfered the photograph album to the Archives on January 15, 2008, and the graduate book on January 8, 2009.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of a photograph album created by Marionne Scott. The majority of the photographs cover the period 1926-1933, and are of family members, friends, and classmates at both St. Michael's Academy and Brandon College. They were taken in Brandon and at a number of other locations that Marionne visited. There are three loose photographs, taken by R.M. Coleman, that were taken at the wedding of Vivian Eva? and Reginald Stanley Stark, June 7th, 1941 at St. Matthews Cathedral and the Prince Edward Hotel. The graduate's book consists of notes, signatures, newsclippings, photographs, programs, convocation documents, graduation cards, reunion descriptions and the 1932 general information booklet for Brandon College.
History/Bio information taken from the Brandon Daily Sun, the 1901 and 1911 Canadian Census, the Manitoba Vital Statistics website, and the Brandon Cemetery website. Additional biographical information provided by Ruth Murphy. Description by Christy Henry.
Name Access
Esther Magdalene Moore
Brandon College
St. Michael's Academy
Windsor Golf course
Eleanor Wrye
Katherine Harvey
Marg Harvey
Betty Harvey
Helen Jamieson
Marionne Scott
Dot McArdle
Teddy McArdle
Parkview Steps
Leta Valens
David Henry (Harry) Scott
Brandon CNR depot
Genevieve Carey
Vivian Muldoon
Olive Murphy
Brandon College tennis courts
Winnipeg Beach
Lake Clementi
G. Finnegan
Barbara Yeagar
Boundary Park
Gimili Beach
Gimili boats
Gimili lighthouse
Fred Lawson
Keith Murphy
Evelyn Lawson?
Marg Paterson
Madeleine Donaldson
Kentucky Home
Sister Raymond
Reverend Mother Sister Madeleine
Sister Louise
Doug Hughes
Curly Ross
Charles Wilcox
Bill Fletcher
Dud Crawford
George MacGregor
Gordon MacDougal
Amy Gainer
Charles Campbell
Lake Percy
Ruth Bingham
Marie Evans
Jean Hitchings
Mary Anne Maltman (Mickey)
Thelma Stoodley
Lois Gainer
Helen Isobel Duncan?
Kay Underwood
Monte Gilchrist
Ethel Rolston
Jack Ellis
Gordon Watson
Bob Rolston
Ruth Tully
Alberta Griggs
Tom Dunlop
Mary Coutts
Elleda Levitt
Aud Rolston
Mitchell fence
Marg Buchanan
Margaret Draper
Brandon College rink
Sydney Pechet
George Duncan Wilkie
John Odin
Erik Runehjelm?
Robert McNeil
Lonesome Little Dolls
Alys Hunter
Marg Sutton
Alixe Ferguson
Annie Louise Scott
Hugh Kennedy
Cecil Ryder
Dot Pritchard
Alma Cadieux
Helen Hilton
Pearl Gainer
Manitou beach
Anne Bacon
Anne Lunam
Norma James
Edna Graham
Peggy Bunting
Gil Watson
Nan Wilkinson
Waldo Wheten
Anne Sunam?
Marion Champlin
Bob Wheten
Kermit Jones
Bea Nicholson
Lake Minnedosa
Ev Ross
Jean Bennest
(Cordelia) Del Dunkin
Lucille Mann
Kay Fitzpatrick
Ken Hall
Jean Sutherland
Archie McLachlan
Herbert Watson McDowell (Waddie)
Guelph memorial building
Brocks monument
Laura Secord monument
Burrell Hecock monument
Clarke Lawson
Dundern Castle
William Lawson
Luva Lewis' cottage
Indianola beach
McMaster University campus
Wasaga beach
Fred Murphy
York Downs Golf Club
Ruth Thornton
Mayme Matthews
Kay Robertson
Amy Edwards
Grace Armstrong
Grace Hopkins
Dorreene McGuinness
Eleanor McKinnon
Viola Olmstead
Florence Simpson
Ruth Wade
Charles Vernon Myers
Christina Molberg
Paul Bugg
Vivian Stark
Reginald Stanley Stark
Cappy Ricks
Subject Access
elephant walk
dance revue costumes
student activities
class of 1933
Class of 1930
lit chorus
y steps
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.29 Marionne Scott
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Women's basketball team
Part Of
Brandon University Photograph Collection
Description Level
Date Range
Part Of
Brandon University Photograph Collection
Description Level
Series Number
Item Number
Date Range
Physical Description
7.5" x 9.5" (b/w)
History / Biographical
The 1927-1928 team won the provincial championship in women's basketball, beating the Winnipeg Athletics 45 to 2.
Scope and Content
Portrait of the 1927-1928 Brandon College women's basketball team. L to R: Dr. Evans (coach), Ruth Bingham, Jerrie Balmer, Jean Gammon, Jean Doig, Ann Foster, Helen Ball, Evelyn Doig, Ella Bowering
Name Access
J.R.C. Evans
Ruth Bingham
Geraldine Balmer
Jean Gammon
Jean Doig
Anne Foster
Helen Ball
Evelyn Doig
Ella Bowering
Subject Access
team sports
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