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Laura Ann Orchard collection
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RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
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multiple media
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Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
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Physical Description
3.5 cm textual records
10 photographs (b/w)
History / Biographical
Laura Anne Orchard was born on July 31, 1909 at Graysville, MB to Jeannie and Harold Orchard. She was the fourth of six children. In 1912, the family moved to Glenorchie Farm in the Morton district near Miami, MB. Laura attended Morton School and Miami High School, completing Grade XI, then attended Manitou Normal School in 1928-1929. She taught in one-room schools: Bracken near Laurier (1929-1930); Rothesay near Isabella (19301-1931 or 1932); and Badger near Roland (1932-1933). After Laura married Hugh Loyns in 1934, they farmed near Roseisle, MB and raised two children, Shirley, who became a high school teacher, and Alwyn, who became a university professor. Laura continued to work with young people through 4-H Clubs. She also served on Eldviado school board, the one-room school where her children attended. In 1958, Laura returned to teaching at Roseisle Consolidated School District until 1961. When Laura and Hugh left the farm to live in Vanderhoof, B.C., she worked as a resource teacher in Vanderhoof Elementary School from 1965-1974. Though she never completed Grade XII, she did continue to keep abreast of teaching methods through correspondence courses, workshops, and summer sessions. In the late 1970's, Laura and Hugh retired to Chilliwack, B.C. Laura Anne Orchard died at Chilliwack on July 28, 1983.
Custodial History
The records in the collection were in the possession of Shirley Hicks, Laura Anne Orchard's daughter, until donated to the S.J. McKee Archives in September 2013.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of records related to Orchard’s time at Manitou Normal School. The textual records include: An autograph book with signatures of all the students at Manitou Normal School; Department of Education Entrance examinations for drawing (1929), composition (1929,1930), science (1929), and physiology and hygiene (1930) ; a copy of the Manitou Normal School Closing Ceremonies programme (1929); a notebook on how to teach reading (c.1929); a lesson plan notebook containing notes on various subjects including Manitou Normal School executive, Students, Arithmetic, Primary Reading, Grammar, History, Poetry, Spelling, Geography, Geometry, Science, and class scores. The collection also contains ten black and white reproduction photographs including: the 1928-1929 Manitou Normal School composite portrait; the Manitou Normal School building; Manitou Normal School Executive; Mr. Gordon, School Principal (1927-1930); various students; and an individual photo of Laura Orchard.
History/Bio information was provided by Shirley Hicks. Description by John Ball (2013).
Name Access
J.W. Gordon
H.F. Griffen
Miss Forrest
Miss Broadfoot
Miss Robertson
Etta Beatty
John Bock
Peter Boldt
Helmea Brown
V. Bigford
Margaret Billson
Francis Campbell
M. Correll
M. Dyck
Peter Frank
N. Forresst
E. Fredrickson
M. Fontaine
Mabel Garnell
Hazel Galvraith
Nina Gibbons
E. Graham
Peter Heinrichs
Elma Johanson
Mary Kelly
Lorna Mark
B. McConnell
L. McConnell
Frank Morrison
D. Metcalfe
Olga Newman
George North
Laura Orchard
Mavis Payette
E. Rushforth
M. Seward
Helen Stewart
Ellis Stewart
F. Stewart
Jean Simpson
Annie Sprott
Mary Stevens
Mary Sutton
Beth Sutherland
Karl Shamasson
Jean Shiells
William Wright
E. Woodmansee
Peter Wiebe
Subject Access
normal schools
Storage Location
2013 accessions
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