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Lovstrom Block B - summary
Part Of
RG 7 Beverley Nicholson fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 7 Beverley Nicholson fonds
Description Level
Series Number
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
History / Biographical
Block B consisted of 20 contiguous 1m2 units excavated to 30 cm below surface. (except unit 58 which was excavated to 35 cm bs to obtain extended soil profile). The block is situated in recent oak and poplar forest at the head of a ravine leading to Jock’s Creek, adjacent to an area cleared for market gardening. As was the case with Block A, the understory is heavily overgrown with hazelnut, chokecherry, saskatoon, and a poison ivy/sarsaparilla ground cover. The soil levels below the sod in Block B consisted of a black, silty, and gritty loam layer from 5 cm to 23 cm below surface, a yellow and sandy clay from 23 cm to 30 cm below surface, and glacial till at 30 cm below surface. As in Block A, limestone cobbles were found throughout the occupation level around the bone. It is evident that bioturbation – primarily tree roots and rodent burrowing – have significantly altered patterns of original deposition of lithics, ceramics and small bone. The faunal layer lay close to the surface, situated entirely in the black loam 5 cm – 23 cm below surface. The 23 cm depth also marked the end of the dark silty loam. At 10 cm below surface, a discernible patterning of the bone appeared. Concentrations of bone in narrow rows ran in an irregular pattern from the northwest to the southeast part of the block. This pattern was most apparent in the north end of the block which is the highest point in the block. In the same 1m2 unit, patches of weathered, very poorly preserved bone would be found lying close to patches of well preserved bone. It is believed that this variability in preservation results from uneven rates of burial due to taphic activities of pocket gophers or other agents of bioturbation. The same pattern of uneven preservation occurs over much of the locale but is most evident in Block B. Diagnostic lithics included eleven projectile points that were predominantly Plains or Prairie Side-notch types, but included two unnotched triangular points. Cord-wrapped impressed rim sherds and body sherds were recovered. The ceramics are variants of the Woodland Blackduck horizon. RC dates: XU49 – 675/80 BP XU 59 – 705/75BP.
Scope and Content
Sub-sub-sub series contains: Summary information of field methology, number and co-ordinates of excavations, personnel and their staff position; Field journals are daily records of recoveries, features and activities at the site; Site records include excavation level and unit summaries, feature sheets, profiles; sample records and maps; Artifact catalogues are lists and identifications of all artifacts recovered; Photographs are of excavation units, features, the landscape and personnel.
Name Access
Lovstrom Block B - summary
Subject Access
Archaeology Lovstrom locale Lovstrom Block B
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Lovstrom Block B - site co-ordinates
Part Of
RG 7 Beverley Nicholson fonds
Description Level
sub sub sub series
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
{add= ARCH 3. Lovstrom Locale DjLx-1 3.3 Lovstrom Block B 3.3.1 Lovstrom Block B 1987
Part Of
RG 7 Beverley Nicholson fonds
Description Level
sub sub sub series
Series Number
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Material Details
Field journals have been scanned in multi-page PDF files. Artifact catalogues are PDF files in spreadsheet format. Photographs are in jpeg format.
History / Biographical
Large scale excavations of five block sites took place in 1987 under the direction of Bev Nicholson with Jane Gibson as crew chief. Block B consisted of 21 excavation units.
Scope and Content
Sub-sub-sub series contains: Summary information of field methology, number and co-ordinates of excavations, personnel and their staff position.
Name Access
Lovstrom Block B - site co-ordinates
Subject Access
Archaeology Lovstrom locale Lovstrom Block B
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Lovstrom Block B - Bev Nicholson field journal
Part Of
RG 7 Beverley Nicholson fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 7 Beverley Nicholson fonds
Description Level
Series Number
File Number
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
8 pages
Material Details
Field journals have been scanned in multi-page PDF files.
History / Biographical
Bev Nicholson was director of the project and his field journal relates to all the Blocks excavated at the locale.
Scope and Content
Record of daily observations at the site including: excavation methods, items recovered, features, local environment and weather.
Name Access
Lovstrom Block B - Bev Nicholson field journal
Subject Access
Archaeology Lovstrom locale Lovstrom Block B Lovstrom Block B - Bev Nicholson field journal

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William Whyte McCutcheon fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1942-2007; predominant 1950-80.
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 1 1.12
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
1942-2007; predominant 1950-80.
Physical Description
12 cm textual records
30 photographs
Physical Condition
History / Biographical
Wilfred Whyte McCutcheon was born 20 April 1919 in Leeds Village, Quebec. McCutcheon attended Macdonald College at McGill University, graduating with a Bachelor of Agriculture in 1942. He completed a Bachelor of Science in 1943 at Concordia, a Bachelor of Arts in 1944, and a Bachelor of Education at Acadia in 1946. McCutcheon gained a Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Toronto in 1948 and completed his Doctoral studes at Cornell University in 1951. McCutcheon spent 1951-52 at the London Institute of Education engaged in postdoctoral studies. McCutcheon was appointed the Dean of the Faculty of Education at Brandon College in 1955. He was the first Dean of Education at Brandon University. McCutcheon served as Dean until 1967. With Ms. Joan Garnett, Co-ordinator of the Office of BU Alumni Relations, McCutcheon helped to to establish many awards. With the collaboration of "Tommy" Douglas, Mrs. J.G. Diefenbaker, and Mr. D.L. Campbell, he assisted in the creation of the JRC Evans Student Loan Fund as a memorial tribute to Dr J.R.C. Evans, President of Brandon College 1928-1959. From 1967 to 1974, McCutcheon taught at the Ottawa Teachers' College, later integrated into the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. McCutcheon authored over fifty academic articles. He was awarded a honorary Doctor of Education by Brandon University in 1989 and an honorary Doctor of Laws from Concordia University in 1996. Wilfred Whyte McCutcheon died 31 March 2008. He was predeceased by his wife Phyllis Bishop in 2003.
Custodial History
These records were in Dr. McCutcheon's possession until his death. They were donated to the S.J. McKee Archives by his estate executors and delivered to the archives by Mr. Gerald Brown on their behalf.
Scope and Content
Fonds contains correspondence, pamphlets, publications, photographs, dilpomas and certificates of standing, newspaper clippings, a report prepared by Dr. McCutcheon for the Canadian Governor General's Office concerning the Canadian honours system, a copy of Dr. McCutcheon's doctoral thesis - Cornell University, 1951- and miscellaneous materials related to Dr. McCutcheon's long and distinguished career in Canadian post secondary education and public service.
Name Access
John E. Robbins
Subject Access
Brandon College 1950s Faculty of Education
Storage Location
MG 1 Brandon College Teaching and Administration 1.12 William Whyte McCutcheoon
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Brandon College plate 1901
Part Of
RG 6 Brandon University fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Part Of
RG 6 Brandon University fonds
Description Level
Series Number
Item Number
Item Number Range
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
1 item
Physical Condition
Custodial History
This plate was the property of Edna and Carl Bjarnason. It was in their possession for some fifty years prior to its donation to the University on October, 2005. The Development Office took possession of the plate at that time and transferred it to the Archives in March 2008.
Scope and Content
The plate measures 26 cm in diameter and is white with blue glazing. The centre of the plate depicts the Brandon College Original Building and the words "Brandon College, Brandon Manitoba." The outside of the plate is a flower motif. On the back of the plate, in the same blue as the front, are the words "Canadian View Series, Brandon Manitoba." There is also a trademark of a bird with a banner reading "Trademark England."
Part of BU 16.3 Artifacts - other.
Name Access
Carl Bjarnason Edna Bjarnason
Subject Access
Brandon College
Related Material
RG 6, 16.3, Item 14
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Marionne Scott fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1926-1934; 1941
Accession Number
23-2008, 3-2009
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.29
Accession Number
23-2008, 3-2009
multiple media
Date Range
1926-1934; 1941
Physical Description
1 photograph album
1 graduate's book
Physical Condition
Very good
History / Biographical
Marion (Marionne) Louise Scott was born January 13, 1913 at Ste. S, Parkview Block, Brandon, MB to Annie Louisa Lawson and David Henry (Harry) Scott. She attended St. Michael's Academy and Brandon College (Arts, Class of 1933), graduating with a teching certificate. At some point following her graduation she moved to Toronto, living with her Aunt and Uncle Olive and Keith Murphy, while working for Massey Harris. Eventually Marionne became Private Secretary to the president James Duncan. She also worked with E.P. Taylor and Colonel Phillips during her duration with the company. Marionne met her husband Robert (Roy) Warden Jamieson through friends at the Parkdale Canoe Club, which is now the Boulevard Club on Lakeshore Avenue in Toronto. They were married on December 26, 1944. Following their retirement, Marionne and Roy spent their winters in Florida. Marionne Scott Jamieson died on July 20, 1990 in Mississauga Ontario. Both she and her husband are buried in Park Lawn Cemetery at Bloor Street and Prince Edward Drive in west Toronto. A number of the individuals identified in the photographs are members of Marionne's extended family or friends. Basic biographical information for both side of her family are below. Additional biographical information on the Lawson and Scott families is available at the McKee Archives. Maternal relatives: William Lawson was born c. 1849 in Markham Township, Ontario where his parents had settled from England. In September 1875 he married Alice Brunskill (born c. 1854) in Buttonville, Ontario. The couple settled on a farm at Aurora, Ontario before come west in 1892. Lawson and his family settled in the Hayfield district south of Brandon where he farmed until c. 1916. During his farming years, Lawson made a number of trips to Scotland and Ireland for the Manitoba government to secure immigrants. After retiring from farming, Lawson became an agent for the Manufaturers' Life Insurance Company. Lawson's brother, Reverend Thomas Lawson, organized the first Methodist congregation in Brandon. William Lawson and Alice Brunskill had seven children: William Ernest (married Maragret Louise Conling 23/11/1904 in Souris, MB) Clarkson Brunskill (married Florence?) Annie Louisa (married David Henry (Harry) Scott 29/06/1910 in Brandon, MB) Alice May (married Arthur Ferrier Valens 27/06/1912 in Winnipeg, MB) Fred J. (married Lottie C. Gibb 18/04/1906 in Selkirk, MB) Frank Hill (married Cora Ethel Cunningham 11/03/1914 in Oakland) Olive Gertrude (married William Keith Murphy 25/12/1923 in Brandon, MB) Paternal relatives: David Hunter Scott was born in 1851 in Brampton, Ontario. After completing his education he became a telegraph operator and then deputy postmaster for his hometown. In 1873, he moved to Manitoba, settling at Meadow Lea, where he took up a homestead. After fifteen years engaged in farming, Scott moved on to become a representitve for an implement manufacturing company. In 1892, he moved to Brandon to become manager of the Brandon Times newspaper. Four years later he founded D.H. Scott and Son, a real estate and insurance business he operated with his son David Henry until his death in September 1943. David Hunter Scott married Anne Jane Lipsett (born 1854) of Meadow Lea, MB on May 24, 1876. Together they had ten children: John Frederick Robert Wesley David Henry (Harry) (married Annie Louise Lawson 26/06/1910 in Brandon, MB) William James Caroline (married Christopher Russell Heise) Annie Louise (married Alexander Ferguson (died 1927), married Nettleton Whitby Kerr) Mary Emaline (married David Gordon Bawtinheimer) Lillian Georgina (died August 9, 1931) Josiah Aikens (died during World War I) Reginald Jacob (married Norma May Hughes 16/08/1915 (Reginald died during World War I))
Custodial History
The photograph album and graduate's book were sent to Alumni Relations by Ruth L. Murphy on March 31, 2004. Both items had been in the possession of Marionne Scott, passing to her husband Robert Jamieson upon her death. When Jamieson died the items came into the possession of Ruth Murphy, whose husband was Marionne's first cousin. Carla Eisler, Alumni Relations, transfered the photograph album to the Archives on January 15, 2008, and the graduate book on January 8, 2009.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of a photograph album created by Marionne Scott. The majority of the photographs cover the period 1926-1933, and are of family members, friends, and classmates at both St. Michael's Academy and Brandon College. They were taken in Brandon and at a number of other locations that Marionne visited. There are three loose photographs, taken by R.M. Coleman, that were taken at the wedding of Vivian Eva? and Reginald Stanley Stark, June 7th, 1941 at St. Matthews Cathedral and the Prince Edward Hotel. The graduate's book consists of notes, signatures, newsclippings, photographs, programs, convocation documents, graduation cards, reunion descriptions and the 1932 general information booklet for Brandon College.
History/Bio information taken from the Brandon Daily Sun, the 1901 and 1911 Canadian Census, the Manitoba Vital Statistics website, and the Brandon Cemetery website. Additional biographical information provided by Ruth Murphy. Description by Christy Henry.
Name Access
Esther Magdalene Moore
Brandon College
St. Michael's Academy
Windsor Golf course
Eleanor Wrye
Katherine Harvey
Marg Harvey
Betty Harvey
Helen Jamieson
Marionne Scott
Dot McArdle
Teddy McArdle
Parkview Steps
Leta Valens
David Henry (Harry) Scott
Brandon CNR depot
Genevieve Carey
Vivian Muldoon
Olive Murphy
Brandon College tennis courts
Winnipeg Beach
Lake Clementi
G. Finnegan
Barbara Yeagar
Boundary Park
Gimili Beach
Gimili boats
Gimili lighthouse
Fred Lawson
Keith Murphy
Evelyn Lawson?
Marg Paterson
Madeleine Donaldson
Kentucky Home
Sister Raymond
Reverend Mother Sister Madeleine
Sister Louise
Doug Hughes
Curly Ross
Charles Wilcox
Bill Fletcher
Dud Crawford
George MacGregor
Gordon MacDougal
Amy Gainer
Charles Campbell
Lake Percy
Ruth Bingham
Marie Evans
Jean Hitchings
Mary Anne Maltman (Mickey)
Thelma Stoodley
Lois Gainer
Helen Isobel Duncan?
Kay Underwood
Monte Gilchrist
Ethel Rolston
Jack Ellis
Gordon Watson
Bob Rolston
Ruth Tully
Alberta Griggs
Tom Dunlop
Mary Coutts
Elleda Levitt
Aud Rolston
Mitchell fence
Marg Buchanan
Margaret Draper
Brandon College rink
Sydney Pechet
George Duncan Wilkie
John Odin
Erik Runehjelm?
Robert McNeil
Lonesome Little Dolls
Alys Hunter
Marg Sutton
Alixe Ferguson
Annie Louise Scott
Hugh Kennedy
Cecil Ryder
Dot Pritchard
Alma Cadieux
Helen Hilton
Pearl Gainer
Manitou beach
Anne Bacon
Anne Lunam
Norma James
Edna Graham
Peggy Bunting
Gil Watson
Nan Wilkinson
Waldo Wheten
Anne Sunam?
Marion Champlin
Bob Wheten
Kermit Jones
Bea Nicholson
Lake Minnedosa
Ev Ross
Jean Bennest
(Cordelia) Del Dunkin
Lucille Mann
Kay Fitzpatrick
Ken Hall
Jean Sutherland
Archie McLachlan
Herbert Watson McDowell (Waddie)
Guelph memorial building
Brocks monument
Laura Secord monument
Burrell Hecock monument
Clarke Lawson
Dundern Castle
William Lawson
Luva Lewis' cottage
Indianola beach
McMaster University campus
Wasaga beach
Fred Murphy
York Downs Golf Club
Ruth Thornton
Mayme Matthews
Kay Robertson
Amy Edwards
Grace Armstrong
Grace Hopkins
Dorreene McGuinness
Eleanor McKinnon
Viola Olmstead
Florence Simpson
Ruth Wade
Charles Vernon Myers
Christina Molberg
Paul Bugg
Vivian Stark
Reginald Stanley Stark
Cappy Ricks
Subject Access
elephant walk
dance revue costumes
student activities
class of 1933
Class of 1930
lit chorus
y steps
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.29 Marionne Scott
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Lois and Gordon Daly fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
c. 1943-1948
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.28
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
c. 1943-1948
Physical Description
1 photograph album
1 scrapbook
History / Biographical
Gordon Hume Daly was born on February 1, 1925 in Cartwright, Manitoba. He spent his early years on his parents' farm, taking his primary and high school education in that district. On January 6, 1945 Gordon enlisted in the Infantry Corp, trained at Shilo, Manitoba, and received his discharge in September of the same year. Upon his discharge he registered in second year Arts at Brandon College. He pursued his many interests there - sports (the college hockey team), the literary society, music (the judge in 'Trial by Jury') and was a member of the Honour Society. Upon graduation in Arts in 1947 from Brandon College, Gordon enrolled at United College in Winnipeg and studied Theology. In 1950 he was ordained in the United Church of Canada. His first pastorate was in Brookdale, Manitoba. Lois Muriel Dickey was born November 4, 1928 to Myrtle and Alvy Dickey who farmed one mile from the town of Crandall, Manitoba. Lois took her primary and high school education (up to Grade XI) in the Consolidated school in Crandall. After graduating from Grade XI with an Isbister Scholarship, Lois registered at Brandon College and for the next four years lived in the residence of Clark Hall. Movies downtown, college hockey excursions, Wheat King games, college dances - all were new and exciting for a young student from a small Manitoba town. Lois registered in the General Science course and in 1948 graduated with a B.Sc. That same year her family sold their farm and moved to Burnaby, B.C. During the course of the next three years Lois was employed at three firms: Kelly Douglas Ltd., where she worked for a chemist; Canada Rice Mills, where she assisted the engineer and did secretarial work; and finally with Shell Oil Ltd. in Vancouver. During this period she remained in contact with Brandon College, especially with Rev. Gordon Daly, who she married from Burnaby, B.C. on July 12, 1952. Following her marriage Lois worked with Gordon in the service of the United Church. In 1952, they embarked on a travel and study venture to Edinburgh, Scotland where Gordon furthered his studies in Theology at New College. After two years, Gordon and Lois and their son Bruce returned to Canada to Northwestern Ontario. In this area they ministered to the towns of Balmertown, Cochenour and McKenzie Island. During this time their son Lorne and daughter Marlene were born. In 1963, the family moved to Swan River, Manitoba where son Mark was born. From 1969-1970, the Daly family participated in an exchange ministry to Australia where Gordon served the Australian United Church of Australia in the town of St. Arnaud, Victoria. Most of the 1970's were spent in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The family moved a final time in 1980 when Gordon accepted a call to Calgary, Alberta. Gordon Hume Daly died on March 7, 1989. Following Gordon's death Lois chose to remain in Calgary, AB.
Custodial History
Album was in the possession of Gordon Daly until his death in 1989. At that point it passed to his widow Lois Daly. She donated it, along with her own scrapbook, to the McKee Archives on October 18, 2008 while she was visiting Brandon University for Homecoming.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of a leather bound photograph album that belonged to Gordon Daly (Class of 1947). It contains approximately 84 black and white photographs of Brandon College students and faculty. A number of the individuals in the photographs have been identified. Fonds also contains a scrapbook assembled by Lois Daly (nee Dickey), Class of 1948, during her years as a student at Brandon College. The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, class election paraphenalia, invitations, pressed corsages, graduation documents and cards, invitations, event programmes (hockey, guest speakers, dramatic and musical productions), place cards, exams, chapel programmes, poetry, tickets (hockey, banquet, graduation, movie), a copy of "Trial by Jury" the major production (1946), notices from the Clark Hall boards, 1940 National Registration Certificate, Oscar Peterson's signature, and notes from Sarah Persis Darrach. There are also documents from the 1998 reconvocation of the Class of 1948 at Brandon University. The scrapbook is inside a blue fabric folder tied with a yellow ribbon. A Brandon College (U of M) crest is attached to the front of the folder and there are two track and field ribbons attached to the back inside of the folder.
All pencil marks in the album were made by Christy Henry during the preparation of photograph descriptions in October 2008. Beryl McLeod helped identify individuals in the photograph album. Description by Christy Henry. History/Bio information was provided by Lois Daly in March 2009.
Name Access
Class of 1944
Ray Bailey
Westley Wong
Cliff Kitson
George Longphee
Murray McPherson
Mary Ann English
Marion Epton
Sarah Gwen Glasgow
Ruth Humeston
Jim Brown
Sheila More
Alice Graham
Leslie Bowman
Iva Delamater
Joyce Braithwaite
Anna Hughes
Roy McKenzie
Art Lamont
Pat Frith
Doreen Rowse
Maisie Halhead
Zenella (Zen) Koester
Lois Hunter
Gordon Daly
Marion Jackson
Erle Stinson
Arthur McMurdo
Joyce Wylie
Dorreene Flemming
Doreen Clyde
Class of 1946
Class of 1947
Class of 1948
Lenore Gusdal
Harley Potter
Martin Brown
Genevieve Fuloski
Bill Chefurka
Thomas (Tommy) McLeod
Stuart Perdue
JRC Evans
Royal Officer Training Corps
Class of 1945
Andrew Judson
Judson Stade
Louis de Groot
Nettie Weselowski
Kay Hoemsen
Marianne Kite
Glen Tillotson
Margaret Tait
Marion Caldwell
E.A. Birkinshaw
Gwen Pechet
Betty Northcott
Margaret Doupe
Martin Johns
Elaine Campbell
Bill Baynton
Ken Knight
Frank Humphries
Bob Mills
Ruth Clark
Yvonne McMillan
Dr. Jennie Turnbull
Irma Kitson
Sam Johnston
Elsie Hamilton
Edward Perry
JRH Forrester
Subject Access
graduation banquet
sadie hawkins dance
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.28 Lois and Gordon Daly
Related Material
Christine Coltart's photograph album (MG 2 2.30 unaccessioned) contains some of the same photographs as Gordon Daly's album.
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Maureen Johnson collection
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1908-c.1965; predominant 1915-1921
Accession Number
10-2009, 14-2009
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
10-2009, 14-2009
multiple media
Date Range
1908-c.1965; predominant 1915-1921
Physical Description
32 photographs
1 sound recording
2 cm textual records
Material Details
17 photographs are digital records
History / Biographical
Maureen Johnson (nee Sills) was born in Brandon, MB in 1936 and grew up in western Manitoba. She spent three years in Ethiopia (1958-1961) and two years in Houston, Texas before taking up permanent residence in Winnipeg, MB. She attended Brandon College in 1953-1954, living in the Tower Room of Clark Hall. From 1960-1979, Johnson raised her family, volunteered in the St. Vital community and was Secretary to the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium (1973-1977). She worked in the Office of the President at the University of Manitoba from 1980 to 1996. Johnson is a visual artist and photographer, and is a member of the Winnipeg Sketch Club, Manitoba Society of Artists and Winnipeg South Photo Club. Her work is on permanent display at Medea Gallery ( where she has been a member since 1985. She also has work in the Rental Program at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. For biographical information on Sarah Persis Darrach see RG 1 Brandon College fonds, Series 9: Clark Hall women's residence.
Custodial History
The original photographs in accession 10-2009 are in the custody of Maureen Johnson in Winnipeg, MB. Copies were digitally scanned by Johnson and sent to the Archives in March 2009. The 1921 photographs of Brandon College students were given to Johnson by Eileen McKenzie, her aunt, who attended Brandon College at that time. The photos of Sarah Persis Darrach (Johnson's great-aunt and maternal grandmother's sister) are from her family albums. All of the records in accession 14-2009, except for the 1920 Quill and the Clark Hall Rules 1912, were collected by Johnson during her time at Brandon College. The Quill issue belonged to Johnson's aunt Eileen McKenzie, a student at Brandon College in the early 1920s. The records were in Johnson's possession at her home until their donation to the McKee Archives in May 2009.
Scope and Content
Accession 10-2009 consists of seventeen digital photographs. Seven photographs are of Sarah Persis Darrach (nee Johnson), taken primarily during her time as a nursing sister during World War I. Two photographs are of Eileen McKenzie. The remaining photographs depict students and student activities at Brandon College in the early 1920s. Accession 14-2009 consists of a copy of the sound recording and program for Mr. College Spirit, a musical comedy presented by the Brandon College Literary Board and written by James Struthers and Kenneth Gunning. Accession also includes fifteen photographs from 1953-1954, when Johnson attended Brandon College. Subjects include: Freshie King and Queen; Graduation Banquets (1955, 1956); senior and lady sticks; Jim Casey Trophy; Grand March 1954; Capettes basketball team 1954; Glee Club 1953; Variety Night - Men's Chorus; Caps Football Team; Caps Hockey Team 1954; Cheerleaders 1954; Caps Basketball 1954; and Touques. Textual records include graduation banquet and commencement programs, news clippings, programs for Variety Night and Be Your Age, a list of football cheers and a copy of the Fall Number of the 1920 Quill. Textual records also include two color photocopies: Clark Hall Rules 1912 and Johnson's Arts and Science Departments, Brandon College Registration card.
History/Bio information and Custodial History provided by Maureen Johnson (April 2009). A review of the play, written by Kay Rowe, appeared in the March 6, 1953 issue of the Quill.
Name Access
Sarah Persis Darrach
Eileen McKenzie
Brandon College
Brandon General Hospital
Subject Access
World War I
First World War
student activities
Location Original
Maureen Johnson (Winnipeg)
Storage Location
T:\Library\Archives\Shared.02\photos\2009 Accessions
Related Material
RG 1 Brandon College fonds, Series 9: Clark Hall women's residence
MG 1 1.9 Sarah Persis Darrach fonds
MG 2 2.4 James Struthers fonds
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Dilys Collier collection
Part Of
MG 2 Brandon College students
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1954-1959, 1983
Accession Number
Part Of
MG 2 Brandon College students
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
1954-1959, 1983
Physical Description
14 cm textual records
1 artifact
Physical Condition
Some pages in the scrapbooks have fallen out and some of the glued pieces are no longer attached to pages
History / Biographical
Dilys Collier (nee Pearce) was born 4 December 1937, in the Rural Municipality of Daly near Rivers, MB. Before studying at Brandon College, Collier was educated in Bradwardine, MB. Collier graduated from Brandon College with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Pedagogy in 1958 and 1959 respectively. In 1961, Collier married a Brandon College classmate, Clare Coburn. She spent much of the next two decades working as a homemaker and mother to her three children. After she and her husband separated in 1979, Collier decided to go back to school. In the next ten years, Collier completed a Bachelor of Education degree (1980), a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Regina (1982) and a Master of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan (1987). Across her working career, Collier held many posistions including public school teacher, adult educator, social worker, researcher and personal counselor. Along with her work, Collier volunteered extensively with the Knox United Church and the Brandon Cooperative Nursing School. Through the years, she worked for a variety of organizations, including The Saskatoon Family Service Bureau and the REgina John Howard Society. Collier has lived and worked in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Swansea, Wales. Currently (January 2017), Collier is retired and lives in Mission, BC with her husband of thirty-four years, Kenneth Collier.
Custodial History
The records were created and collected by Dilys Collier during her years as a student and alumna of Brandon College/University. The records were stored in her home huntil they were donated to the McKee Archives in 2013.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of records created and collected by Dilys Collier as a means to document her life as a Brandon College student in the 1950s. Included are three scrapbooks and two folders containing: newspapers and newspaper clippings from The Brandon Sun and The Quill, dealing primarily with Brandon College students, faculty and events; Brandon College administrative records such as the Clark Hall Rules, Collier's proof of registration records, her Brandon College acceptance letter, class schedules and exam timetables; photographs and programmes that cover events such as Freshie Week, dances and other student functions on campus; records documenting campus student activities, including the words to Hail Our College and various College Yells performed after student dances and other functions; decorations from fall proms and Valentine's Day dances, as well as Convocation (1958); programmes from various College convocation ceremonies; various cards Collier received, including those for her birthday and Valentine's Day; election advertisements, primarily for those students running for Student Administration "Stick" positions. The collection also contains a green taffeta, net and rhinestone gown purchased by Collier to wear to some of the formal dances held at Brandon's Prince Edward Hotel.
History/Bio information was provided by the donor in late 2016/early 2017. Information on the green gown can be found on Description by Brian Erixon (October 2016) and Christy Henry.
Name Access
Dilys Collier
Dilys Pearce
The Quill
Brandon Student fund
Hail Our College
Subject Access
student life
college athletics
student productions
college music
student activities
student elections
Storage Location
2016 accessions
Related Material
Verda McDonald collection (16-2016)
Bob Blair collection (18-2013)
Clare Coburn collection (6-2010 & 5-2014)
One scrapbook for each academic year
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Verda McDonald collection
Part Of
MG 2 Brandon College students
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
MG 2 Brandon College students
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
10.5 cm textual records
18 loose photographs
Physical Condition
Some of the pages and photographs in the scrapbooks have become loose
History / Biographical
Verda Joan McDonald (nee Peden) was born in Brandon, MB on May 2, 1934. She was the middle daughter of Bill, a school principal, and Phyllis Peden. McDonald attended school at King George, Alexandra (now Betty Gibson), Earl Oxford and Brandon Collegiate Institute. In 1951, McDonald enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at Brandon College. A fellowship program from the local YMCA enabled her to teach gym and swim programs after school and on Saturday for a small salary, which enabled her and some other students to finance their education. She graduated in 1955 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During her graduating year, McDonald served as Lady Stick for Brandon College; the title of Lady Stick was an elected position and an honour, and gave McDonald and the person elected Senior Stick, Frank McKinnon, the responsibility of leading the student council for that year. In 1956, McDonald obtained her Bachelor of Pedagogy degree, also from Brandon College, which allowed her to teach grades 1 to 12 in Manitoba. Verda married her college sweetheart, Dick McDonald, on August 25, 1956, and the couple moved to Dauphin to teach at the Dauphin Collegiate and Technical Institute for two years. They returned to Brandon in September 1958, and Verda proceeded to teach at Brandon Collegiate, Neelin High School and Vincent Massey until December 1960. When Dick finished his degree at Brandon College and started teaching, Verda stayed at home to raise their three sons, Rick, Paul and Daren. During this time she began her many years of volunteering within the community. She served seven years on each of the following three boards: The Brandon Schools Instrumental Music Association; The Brandon University Alumni Board; and The Board of Fairview Nursing Home. She became President of each board during her term. McDonald supported her husband throughouet his teaching and financial career, as well as his strong involvement in the Artillery Reserve Army with the 26th Field Regiment where he served as Commander and later Honorary Colonel. Both McDonald and her husband maintained strong ties with Brandon University and have contributed generously to funding campaign and scholarships. The Sports Wall of Fame in the Health Living Centre on the Brandon University campus is named in their honour. In addition to their involvement with Brandon University, the McDonald's were members of the Kinsmen, K40 service club, gold and bridge clubs and enjoyed many years together in Brandon. They enjoyed going on cruise ship holidays and visited many countries together. Since Dick's death in September 2015, Verda has tried to maintain her involvment in university activities. She continues to reside in Brandon, MB.
Custodial History
Records were created and collected by Verda McDonald during her years as a student and alumna of Brandon College/Brandon University. The records were stored in her home until their donation to the McKee Archives in 2015.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of records dealing with Verda McDonald's experiences as a student and alumna at Brandon College/University. The majority of the collection contains records from the early 1950s during McDonald's college years (1951-1955). These records, which cover the social and athletic aspects of Brandon College in the 1950s, provide a detailed look at college student life during this time period. The collection also contains a small number of records (1955-2005), documenting McDonald's experiences as an alumna of Brandon College/University. The collection consists of four scrapbooks, which contain photographs, newspaper clippings, graduation cards, lyrics for class songs, and programs for graduation banquets, school dances, graduation ceremonies and drama productions. The scrapbooks also contain ephemera such as sports emblems, table decorations, election paraphernalia. It also includes McDonald's oath of office from when she was sworn in as Lady Stick, as well as her acceptance speech from the same ceremony. The three file folders in the collection include: a list written by Frank McKinnon, a classmate of McDonald's, outlining his reasons for coming to Brandon College and his recollections of being a student at Brandon College; the rules of Clark Hall residence hall; and pamphlets for various celebrations and events at Brandon University (Homecoming 2009, Homecoming 2006, Reunion Weekend 2005, Reunion Weekend 2004, Homecoming 1995 and 1995 Reconovocation program, Homecoming 1980, 1975 Open House). Finally, the collection contains 18 loose photographs. A number of the photos document important reunions for the Class of 1955 (40th Anniversary in 1995, 50th Anniversary in 2005), while others were taken at alumni events over the years (1988-1997). There is one postcard of Brandon University buildings (Original Building and Clark Hall, McMaster Hall and the Queen Elizabeth II School of Music building). Some of the 1995 reunion photos include images of the Brandon College Building and Clark Hall under renovation. Also included are a composite portrait of the Class of 1955 and class portraits Arts and Science for the Class of 1960.
History/Bio information provided by Verda McDonald. Description by Emily Bate (October 2016) and Christy Henry.
Name Access
Verda McDonald
Dick McDonald
Brandon University Alumni Association
Henry Champ
Joan Garnett
Eileen McFadden
Norma Walmsley
Ernie Criddle
Jean Wilkie
Jean Brown
Frank McKinnon
Hilt Stewart
Lou Visentin
Edward Schreyer
Doug Adams
Carla Eisler
Shawna English
Cindy Yacyshen
Jim Minions
Walter Huculak
Ben Ward
Elaine Cameron
Elaine McCrorie
Barrie McLeod
Gord Williams
Harvey Young
George Strang
Gerald Graham
Helen Batho
Helen Mitchell
Allan Hattie
Trevor McNeely
Russ Roney
Harold Woods
George Gooden
Harold Stewart
Jack Meyers
Ron McMurray
Ken Adams
Bill Keller
Lorne Day
Don Dillistone
Subject Access
student life
student activities
student productions
college athletics
college initiation
Student government
Lady stick
Storage Location
2016 accessions
Related Material
Dilys Collier collection
Bob Blair collection
Brandon College fonds
Brandon University fonds
Two of the scrapbooks are in chronological order. The third scrapbook contains miscellaneous materials from the 1950s until 2005.
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Carole Paintin-Dence collection
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1900-1964; predominant 1948-1964
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.12
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
1900-1964; predominant 1948-1964
Physical Description
85 cm textual records
21 color slides
History / Biographical
Carole Paintin-Dence was raised in Souris, Manitoba and attended Brandon College in the early 1960s. While at Brandon College she was active in the Glee Club, I.R.C. and French Clubs. She was also Quill reporter for the Music Department.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of a small collection of Brandon College memorabilia and slides. The memorabilia includes programs from various Brandon College Student Association events, Alumni News, and a copy of "The New Brandon College School of Music" by Peggy Sharpe. The slide images include: the opening of the Music Building 1963 (3) - Sir Ernest MacMillan, Lady MacMillan and Lorne Watson; raising the class flag 1964 (2); the JRC Evans Lecture Theatre 1964 (1); Brandon College Original Building 1964 (1); Freshie Parade 1962 (1) - glee club float and 1963 (3) - "wedding of Jack & Jill"; French Immersion class Summer 1964 (4) - Mme Ragot, Neil Forsyth, Henri Francq; party for John 1963 (2) - Ken May, Morlene Sparrow, John Sushelnitsky, Norma Walmsley, Poppy Cumming, Chris Cassels, Pat Brake, Eleanor Riesberry; W.U.S. parties (4) - Joan Garnett, Norma Walmsley, Claude Paintin, Brian Foster, Rae Westcott, Clark Brownlee, Nina Kosakawiecz, Berth Paintin Collection also includes school texts and pedagogical guides - forty-seven in total - dealing with reading, spelling, social studies and particularly music.
Description by Christy Henry.
Name Access
World University Service
Subject Access
freshie week
building openings
class flags
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.12 Carole Paintin-Dence
Related Material
Paul Panton fonds
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Frances Percival (nee Fraser) fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.6
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
70 b&w photographs (various sizes) 7 mm textual records
Physical Condition
History / Biographical
Frances Elizabeth Percival (nee Fraser) attended Brandon College in 1928-1929. She was from Wawanesa, Manitoba and passed away on August 3, 2004 at the age of 93 years.
Custodial History
The records were donated to the McKee Archives by Joy Lalonde, a realtive of Fran Percival's, in 2005.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of three dance cards from the Brandon Normal School, a photograph album of Brandon College students and activities (many of them identified) and an autographed copy of the 1929 Brandon College Annual Graduation Program.
Description by Christy Henry.
Name Access
Fran Fraser
Subject Access
arts students
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.6 Frances Percival (nee Fraser)

Photo Album and Name Sheet.pdf

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Evan McDonald Whidden fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1915-1936; predominant 1917-1922.
Accession Number
1-2001, 8-2003, 9-2006
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 1 1.8
Accession Number
1-2001, 8-2003, 9-2006
multiple media
Date Range
1915-1936; predominant 1917-1922.
Physical Description
6 cm. textual records; 1921 Brandon College Quill (Commencement Number); approx. 150 photographs
History / Biographical
Evan McDonald Whidden (1898-1980) was born in Galt, Ontario. He was educated at Brandon College. Following service in the Great War he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University (Brandon College) in 1921. He obtained a Master of Arts in history (McMaster [n.d.]) and in 1928, a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Yale. Whidden married Frances Margaret Billington in 1941. Together they had three children: Howard John (b.1943), Roberta Katherine (b. 1945) and Eric Christopher (b. 1947). Dr. Whidden served in Baptist churches in Saskatchewan and Manitoba before joining the faculty of Brandon College in 1936. In 1938, he was appointed Thomas J. Armstrong Professor of church history at Acadia University. He became Dean of the School of Theology at Acadia in 1954, and served in that capacity until 1963. He retired from the faculty of Acadia University in 1967. Dr. Whidden has written in the field of church history and education. He was awarded honorary degrees by the Pine Hill Divinity Hall, Halifax, N.S. (1950), McMaster University [n.d.] and Acadia University (1969).
Custodial History
Since his death in 1980, the fonds has been in the custody of his widow, Mrs. Frances Margaret Whidden. The first accession was donated to the McKee Archives in April, 2001; the second in 2003; and the third in May 2005.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of Evan Whidden's reports to family members, in particular to his father and mother, on his experience as a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the years 1917-1919. Records also include correspondence from his mother, Katherine Louise Whidden (nee Ganong), to Evan during these years. In these reports, Whidden records his impressions of military life through his training in Canada and England and his experience of war in Europe with the Canadian Expeditionary Force from 1917-1918. He was involved in the conflict only briefly at the conclusion of the war. His letters provide an account of life in France, Belgium and Germany in 1918. The fonds also contains correspondence dating from the early 1920s from Chester New, a history professor at McMaster, who had previously taught at Brandon College. Fonds also contains correspondence from Whidden's father, Howard Primrose Whidden, President of Brandon College 1912-1922 and, from 1922-1949, Chancellor of McMaster University. This correspondence deals principally with the progress of Evan Whidden's education and his choice of a career in the church or the academic world. Fonds contains several publications containing the work of Evan Whidden, mostly on religious themes. It also includes newspaper clippings and convocation programs dealing with Dr. Whidden's graduation from Yale and the presentation of honorary degrees to him at Pine Hill and Acadia. The fonds contains newspaper stories on the occasion of the retirement of Howard Primrose Whidden following his lengthy career as President of McMaster University. Death notices for Dr. H.P. Whidden and his wife are also to be found. Finally, fonds containts approximately 150 b&w photographs of group portraits, individual portraits and activites at Brandon College and a copy of the 1921 Commencement Issue of the Brandon College Quill.
Name Access
Evan Whidden
Chester New
Howard Whidden
Subject Access
Brandon College 1920s
Storage Location
MG 1 Brandon College Teaching and Administration 1.8 Evan McDonald Whidden
Related Material
Whidden's father, Howard Primrose Whidden served as President of Brandon College 1912-1922. His records are located in RG 1, series 2.2 (Brandon College fonds, Office of the Pesident). Records from Evan Whidden's time as College Dean are located in RG 1, series 6 (Brandon College fonds, Office of the College Dean).
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Harold Arthur Kinniburgh fonds
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.8
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
2 mm textual records 1 b&w photograph (8x10)
Physical Condition
History / Biographical
Harold Arthur Kinniburgh was born in New Zealand in 1883. He spent two years in Brandon working at the Experimental Farm during the summer and studying at Brandon College during the winter. After his years at Brandon College he worked in Canada in the dairy industry from two years and then returned to New Zealand for the balance of his life. He devoted his time to developing a dairy farm in New Zealand. Harold Kinniburgh died in 1953.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of copies of correspondence written by Kinniburgh to his mother in New Zealand while he was attending Brandon College. The photograph is a copy of the 1905 First Year Academic class at Brandon College.
Description by Christy Henry.
Name Access
Harold Kinniburgh
Subject Access
Brandon College 1905
Brandon College men's residence
Location Original
Kinniburgh's family in New Zealand contact: Jeanette Johnston 10 Hampton Place Hamilton, New Zealand
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.8 Harold Arthur Kinniburgh
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Jack Stothard collection
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
ca. 1900s, 2001-2003, 2007, 2008, 2016
Accession Number
1-2003, 12-2006, 8-2007, 8-2008, 18-2008, 11-2009, 4-2012, 4-2013, 8-2016
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
1-2003, 12-2006, 8-2007, 8-2008, 18-2008, 11-2009, 4-2012, 4-2013, 8-2016
multiple media
Date Range
ca. 1900s, 2001-2003, 2007, 2008, 2016
Physical Description
30 cm textual records
9 b/w photograph
Physical Condition
History / Biographical
Jack Stothard was born on February 16, 1932 in Brandon, MB. He attended public schools in the city (Central School, Park School, and Earl Oxford) and graduated from Brandon Collegiate Institute (BCI). Stothard married Velma Pollock in 1957 and together they had two daughters: Debra and Kimberly. Stothard was employed in the plumbing and heating business until 1960, when he joined Manitoba Hydro. In the course of his employment with Manitoba Hydro, he became Station Superintendent of the Brandon Generating Station. Stothard retired in 1995. Stothard was a member of the Canadian Numismatic Association, the Canadian Association of Token Collectors and the Toronto Postcard Club. Jack Stothard died on November 3, 2021 in Brandon, MB.
Custodial History
Accession 1-2003 was in the possession of Stothard until donated to the McKee Archives in 2003. Accession 12-2006 was acquired by Lawrence Stuckey at some point after the photograph was taken. Stuckey later sold a copy of the photograph. This copy was later acquired by Jack Stothard in the course of his collecting of Brandon postcards. Stothard donated the image to the McKee Archives in 2004. Accession 8-2007 was prepared by Jack Stothard in the course of 2007. He provided a copy to the Archives upon its completion. Accession 8-2008 was in the possession of Fred McGuinness until he gave jit to Jack Stothard in February 2008. Stothard donated the records to the McKee Archives on February 12, 2008. Accession 18-2008 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on August 18, 2008. Accession 11-2009 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on February 20, 2009. Accession 4-2012 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on August 24, 2011. Accession 4-2013 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard in March 2013. Accession 8-2016 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on January 21, 2015.
Scope and Content
Accession 1-2003 contains brief research reports prepared by Stothard on various topics concerning historical Brandon. These include: a listing of hotels, inns and motels that have operated in Brandon since the 1880s; reports dealing with the Café Aagard, Central United Church, the 1913 Dominion Exhibition, Brandon, the Empire Hotel, Brandon’s Central Steam Heating System, the Post Office and the Clement Block. It also contains one booklet: Facts About Brandon: An Industrial Survey of the City of Brandon. Winnipeg: Department of Industry and Commerce [n.d.] Accession 12-2006 consists of one photograph of the Great Northern Engine 208, built by Rogers Locomotive Company 1887. Cylinders 18 x 24, Drivers 63". G.N. line Church's Ferry, N.D. to Brandon, Manitoba. Opened 1906, Closed 1936. Accession 8-2007 consists of a brief typed report entitled "The Day the Lights Went Out in Brandon - Strike of 1919" by Jack Stothard. Document provides an account of the sources and delivery of hydro electric power to Brandon beginning in the early 1900s and the brief power outage at the beginning of the Brandon General Strike May 25, 1919. Accession 8-2008 consists of "The Brandon Sun Challenge Cup" ledger, which contains two b/w photographs, newspaper clippings and information on the history and first race (1908) of the cup; 3 additional b/w photographs of different races; and the Brandon Old Timers Association record book (c. 1900). Accession 18-2008 consists of a copy of Stothard's Brandon Postcards index. The index is divided into various sub-headings and consists of colored reproductions of postcards in Stothard's collection. The index contains pages that were discarded by Stothard as he updated his inventory, therefore the index is only up to date as of August 18, 2008. Accession 11-2009 consists of a typed research report entitled "Brandon Police Department Stations and Locations" by Jack Stothard. The report outlines the location of the Brandon Police Department from 1882 - 2008, and also includes a section on "What the Future Holds." Accession 4-2012 consists of pages for Stothard's Brandon Postcards index (18-2008) and a photocopy of a Brandon Municipal Railway ticket. Accession 4-2013 consits of eight binders of handwritten notes/facts about Brandon compiled by Jack Stothard. The notes are a collection of names, places, things, events and items related mostly to the first 100 years of Brandon (1882-1982), although the notes continue into the 2000's. Some notes centre on the late 1930's to early 1950's during the period of Stothard's youth. The information in the binders was taken from a variety of publications, while some notes are Stothard's own comments. A list of sources, as well as a cross reference index for all eight binders, can be found in Book No. 1. The accession includes: Book No. 1 - Notes of Brandon (A to B); Book No. 2 - Notes of Brandon (C to F); Book No. 3 - Notes of Brandon (G to O); Book No. 4 - Notes of Brandon (P to Z); Book No. 5 - Notes of Brandon: Churches, Hostpitals, Hotels; Book No. 6 - Notes of Brandon: Police Department, Fire Department; Book No. 7 - Notes of Brandon: Brandon City Council, City of Brandon etc.; Book No. 8 - Notes of Brandon: Brandon College/University, Brandon Schools, ACC, Brandon School Board. Accession also includes pages from Stothard's Brandon Postcards index (18-2008). Accession 6-2016 consists of local history books, pamphlets, bakery tokens, local magazines, one binder containing handwritten notes/facts about Brandon compiled from the Brandon Sun's "Looking Back" column, and an accordian file box containing newspaper clippings about Brandon. The accession includes the following local history books: Betty Watson's "One Day in Brandon Manitoba 9/9/99" (Brandon, Manitoba: Bart Art Books, 1999); P.N. Breton's "Popular Illustrated Guide to Canadian Coins, Medals, &. &.," (Winnipeg: Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute, 1963 [reprint]); "Facts About Brandon: An Industrial Survey of the City of Brandon," (Province of Manitoba: Department of Industry and Commerce, [1946]); The Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol's "75th Anniversary: From the Past to the Future!" ([Brandon, Manitoba: Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol, 1988]); and Brandon Kinsmen Club's "'Together...Once Again': A History of the Kinsmen Club of Brandon, Manitoba, 1925-1975 (Brandon, Manitoba: The Historical Committee of the Kinsmen Club of Brandon, 1975). Pamplets and magazines include: Brandon Generating Station (1957) and (1969), The Brandon Quota Club presents...A Century in Revue (1982), Canadian Rail No. 168/July-August 1965 [featuring Brandon Municipal Railway], Prairie City Issue No. 3/1994, and Prairion May/June 1997. The binder is titled Book No. 9 - "Year by year: miscellaneous items from 1969 to 2000"; an asterik (*) indicates notes have been made on each subject or item in the other Books. Each section is housed in The files in the accordian file box have been rehoused and include the following topics: banks, Brandon 125 beer, Behlen Industries, breweries, Brandon Shoppers' Mall, calendars, Canadian Motors Ltd., Canexus/Nexen, Canada Games - Summer and Winter, Canadian Tire, CKX Radio & TV/CKLQ, Corral Centre, flour mills, hospitals, Keystone, Maple Leaf, Fred McGuinness, miscellaneous, A.E. McKenzie, people, railways, Simplot, Westman Recycling (new facility), weather-storms-floods, and extra copies of postcards.
Description by Christy Henry. Accession 4-2013: Book No. 1 contains a photocopied photograph of Aagaard's Cafe, photographs of the Dominion Bank and Barney's Drive Inn and a photo reproduction of the Bass Building. Book No. 2 contains a photograph of the Provincial Goal. Book No. 3 contains photographs of T. Eaton Company (4 construction photos) and a photo reproduction of tents on the Exhibition grounds (c. 1940). Book No. 4 contains photoraphs of the Oak Theatre and Western Motors. There are also photopied photographs of The Fun Shop.
Name Access
Jack Stothard
Cafe Aagard
Great Northern Railway
Aagaard's Cafe
Lunch Counter
A-4 Military Camp
Alcoholism Foundation of Manitoba
Amberwood Village
Anglo Canadian Oils Ltd.
Applebee's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar
The Brandon Armoury
Army & Navy Store
Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba
Assiniboine River
Atom-Jet Industries Ltd.
Aub's B.A. Service Station
Frederickson's B.A. Service Station
A&W Restaurant
A&W Drive-In
Ayerst Organics Ltd.
Bank of British North America
Bank of Hamilton
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Canadian Imperical Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Dominion Bank
Imperial Bank of Canada
Merchants' Bank of Canada
The Northern Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank)
Union Bank of Canada
Barney's Drive Inn
Barney's Shoe Shine
Bass Building
Bass families
Beacon Lunch
Behlen Industries/Behlen-Wickes Co. Ltd.
Belair Chinese Restaurant
Belvedere Apartments
Beresford Lumber Co.
Bertrands Block
Bertrand & Company
Beverage Services Limited
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Dr. Wilfred Bigelow
Bing Juckes Drive Inn
Binkley Motors
Donald "Tiny" Bird
Blackwood's Ltd.
Blackwood Beverages Ltd.
Borbridge Block
Boreham Park Apartments
Bower's Esso Service
The Brandon Bowl
Recreation Bowling Alleys and Billiard Room
Thunderbird Bowl
Marsh Varcoe
Woodbine Alleys Ltd.
Box Brothers Ltd.
Braecrest Estates
Brandon Airport
Brandon Aero Club
Brandon Flying Club
Brandon Allied Arts Centre
Brandon Automobiles (1959) Limited
Brandon Binder Twine Company
Brandon Brewing Co.
Brandon Business College
Brandon Chamber of Commerce
Brandon Clinic
First Street Plaza
The Brandon Club
Brandon Consumer Co-operative Ltd. (Co-op)
Brandon Construction Company Ltd.
Brandon Correctional Institute
Brandon Jail
Brandon Creamery & Supply Co. Ltd.
Brandon Creamery & Supply Co.
Brandon Curling Club
Brandon Eagles Gymnatics Centre
Brandon Electric Light Company
Manitoba Power Company
Brandon Felt Works
Brandon Fire Engine Co.
The Brandon Fruit & Procude Co. Ltd.
Brandon Gallery Shopping Centre
Town Centre
Brandon Golf & Country Club
Brandon Hardware Co. Ltd.
Ashdown's hardware
Stylrite Hardware
Brandon Heating and Plumbing
Brandon Houseing Co-operative Ltd.
Aspen Woods
Brandon Humane Society
Brandon Machine Works
Brandon Municipal Street Railway
Brandon Museum Inc.
Daly House Museum
Brandon Musical Supply Company
Brandon Packers Ltd.
Brandon Scrap Iron & Metal Recycling Ltd.
Brandon Ski Club
Mt. Glenorky Ski Club
Brandon Stock Car Club
Brandon Sun
The Sun Printing Co.
Brandon Tennis Club
Brandon Tourist Camp
Brandon Transit Ltd.
Brandon Transit System
Handi Transit
Brandon Woolen Mills
Metev Woolen Mills
Bliss Building
Brazzell Motors
Brentwood Village Moble Home Court
Breslauer & Warren Jewelers
First Street Bridge
1st Street Bridge
Eighteenth Street Bridge
18th Street Bridge
Daly Overpass
Thompson Bridge
Eighteenth Street Overpass
18th Street Overpass
8th Street Bridge
9th Street Bridge
Eighth Street Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge
British Commonwealth Air Training plan
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
Roy Brown
La Plant Block
Fraser Block
Syndicate Block
Laplont Block
Johnson & Company Hardware
Zink Block
Yukon Block
Burchill & Howey
Burns Foods Ltd.
Burns Meats Ltd.
Bus Depot
Greyhound Bus Lines
Grey Goose Bus Lines
MacArthur & Son Ltd.
CDC Home & Leisure Centre
Campbell & Campbell Building
Campbell & Ferguson Building
Canada Safeway Ltd.
Canada Summer Games
Canada Winter Games
Canadian Brown Steel Tank
Canadian Steel Tank Ltd.
Canadian Mental Health Association
Canadian Motors Ltd.
Canadian National Railway (CNR)
Canadian Order of Foresters
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Canadian Phoenix Insurance Co.
Canadian Stover Gasoline Engine Co.
Canadian Tire Store
Cancade Co. Ltd.
Cancade Bros.
Cancade Bros. Ltd.
Cancade Company
Cando Contracting Ltd.
Cargill Grain Company
Central Community Centre
Central Park Lodge
Valleyview Care Centre
Central Sheet Metal Works
Child & Family Services of Western Manitoba
The Children's Aid Society
Chrest's Dry Cleaners
Chrest family
Christie's Bookstore
Christie's School Supply
Christie Grant Store
Sir Winston Churchill Park
Circle Eight Drive Inn
City Cafe
City Golf Course
Clark Leatherdale Funeral Home
Clement Block
Cockshutt Plow Co.
Codville & Co.
Commodore Bakery Ltd.
Trent's Bakery
Coldwell Block
Coronation Park
Jubilee Park
Corral Centre
The Country Kitchen Restaurant
Aunt Sarah's Family Restaurant
Country Style Donuts
Court House
Crane Limited
Crane Steel Structures Ltd.
Crang's Grocery & Confectionery
Dairyworld Foods
Creelman's Shoe Store
Cumming & Dobbie
Curran Park
Curtis Block
Yaeger Block
Daymin Court
Bell Block
De Bruyn & Verhoef Woodworks Ltd.
De Fehr Furniture
Denis Prefab Ltd.
Diamond Waterworks
Dinsdale Cartage & Storage (1968) Ltd.
Dinsdale Park
Doig & Robertson
Rankin & Co.
Doig, Rankin & Robertson
Doig's Store Ltd.
Double Bar S Burger & Dairy Ranch
The Drewry's Ltd.
Alexander Brown
Brown's Drug Store
Dufresne Furniture & Appliances
Dutch Mill Bakery
East End Community Centre
Eastern Access Route (Highway 110)
Eaton's of Canada
T. Eaton Company
Edrans Brandon Pressed Brick Co.
Eleanor Kidd Park
Eleanor Kidd Gardens
W.A. Elliott
T.E. Elviss Company
Empire Brewing Co. Ltd.
Bell Bottling Co.
Esquire Dance Hall
Connaught Hall
Evans, Matheson & Associates
Experimental Farm
Brandon Research Station
Fairview Personal Care Home
Feed Rite Mills Ltd.
Federal Pioneer Ltd. (FPE)
Federated Co-operatives Ltd.
Fedoruk Groceteria
Flash Barber Shop and Beauty Salon
Alexander Fleming
Fleming's Drug Store
Fleming Block
Fleming's Well
Fort Brandon Museum
A.C. Fraser & Co.
Fraser & Ross
Fred's Dry Cleaners
Frost & Wood
Brockie Funeral Home
Campbell & Campbell
Vincent & Macpherson
Galaxy Computer Systems
George's Food Bar
George Jimas
Gidding's Store
Gillis & Warren Ltd.
Golden Gate Cafe
Gooden's Men's Wear
Grand Stand
Grand Valley Place
The Great West Coal Copmany Ltd.
Great Western Outerwear & Sportswear Ltd.
Green Acres Community Centre
Green Acres Lodge
Green Acres subdivision
Habitat for Humanity
B.J. Hales Natural History Museum
Hamilton and Jones Ltd.
Hanbury Manufacturing Co.
Hanbury House
T.M. Harrington
Harry's Ukrainian Kitchen & Steak House
Hedges Trucking
Heise Block
Heritage Co-op 1997 Ltd.
Highland Park Mobile Home Estate Ltd.
Hillcrest Place Personal Care Home
Hillside Town Houses
Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation
Highways Deparment
Hobbs Manor
Home Development Co. Ltd.
Home Estates Ltd.
Home Hardware
Hopkins Bakery
Horner's Busy Corners
Hornor's Busy Corners
Paterson House
Matheson House
Villa Louise
Row House
Hudson House
Casa Maley
Hughes & Long
Hughes & Co.
Husky Oil & Refining Ltd.
Husky Travelcentre
Husky House
North Hill IGA
West End IGA
Immigration Hall
Imperial Square
Indian and Metis Friendship Centre
International Harvester Co. of Canada Ltd.
Inventronics Ltd.
Jacobson and Greiner Ltd.
The Jo-Ann Accessory Shop
John Deere Plow Company
Johnson's Cafe
Johnson's Hardware Store
Kam Lung Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge
Martin Kavanagh
Keg Steakhouse & Bar
Kelly Block
Kelly & Co.
P.A. Kennedy Co. Ltd.
Keystone Centre
Kinsmen Club
Kinsmen Kiddies Korner
Kinsmen Centennial Swimming Pool
Kinsmen Outdoor Skating Rink
Kinsmen Memorial Stadium
Kinsmen Little League Stadium
Kin Village
Kinsmen Zoo
Kip's Service Station
Brigadier General James Kirkcaldy
Kirkcaldy Heights (North Hill) sub-division
Kiwanis Club
Kiwanis Swimming Pool/Paddling Pool
Knowlton's Boot Shop
S.S. Kresge Co. Ltd.
Kullberg's Furniture Store
Lake Brandon
Land Titles Office
Lark Hill sub-division
Larry's Studio
Lawson Lodge
Prairie Oasis
Frank Lawson & Sons
Leech Printing
Lee's Implements Ltd.
Brandon Public Library
Centennial Library - Arts Centre
Western Manitoba Regional Library
Lindenberg Brothers Limited
Linden Lanes
Lions Club
Lion's Manor
Westman Lion's Manor Inc.
Linden Lanes Shopping Centre
Red & White Store
Lyceyn Tea Room
MacArthur Transportation Co.
Soo-Security Motorways Ltd.
M.F. MacDonald
Macey Foods Ltd.
G.C. (Curly) MacKay
MacLeods Store
Magnacca Enterprises
Manitoba Centennial 1970
Manitoba Cooperative Dairies Ltd.
Manitoba Dairy and Poultry Cooperative Ltd.
The Manitoba Hardware & Lumber Co. Ltd.
Manitoba Emergency Services College
Manitoba Engines Ltd.
Manitoba Felt & Yarn Works - Brandon
Manitoba Government Building
Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation
Manitoba Housing Authority
Manitoba Motor Transit Ltd.
Manitoba Pool Elevators
Manitoba Public Insurance Coproration
The Manitoba Windmill & Pump Co. Ltd.
Brandon Gas & Power Co. Ltd.
Maple Leaf Flour Mills
Maple Leaf Pork
Maple Leaf Meats
Maple Leaf Foods
The Maples
Mark's Work Wearhouse
D. Marshall
Massey-Harris Co. Ltd.
Massey-Feguson Building
Massin Furs
Frank Massin & Son Hide & Furs
Masonic Temple
Dr. J. Murray Matheson
McCallum Jewellers
McCallum Nursing Home
McCall Frontenac
McDiarmid & Clark
McDonald & Foreman
John A. McDonald & Son
McDowell & Doke Tinsmiths'
McGregor's Livery Sale & Boarding Stable
J.D. McGregor
Malcolm McAdam McGregor
Fred McGuinness
A.E. McKenzie Seed Co. Ltd.
A.E. McKenzie House
Meadowlark Campground
Memories Chapel and Pre-planning Centre
Metropolitan Cafe
Metropolitan Store
Meyers Norris Penny
Miladi's - The House of Ladies' Quality Apparel
Mitrou Cafe & Candy Company
Modern Dairies
Monterey Estates
Sunridge Homes Ltd.
Morgon Motors
Blue Hills restaurant
Perkin's Restaurant
William Muir General Grocer
Murray Chev Olds-Cadillac Ltd.
Mutter Brothers
Nation & Shewan
National Store
Neale, Stothard & Chapman
The Newmount Medical Clinic
Nexen Chemicals Inc.
Canexus Ltd.
New System Store
North End Community Centre
Northside Mazda
Oddfellows Corner
Ogilvie Co.
Old Men's Home
Charlton Lodge
Olympia Cafe
Orange Hall
Grand Orange Lodge
Orchard Hardware Co.
Oshkosh Filter and Softener Co.
Pacific 66 Service Station
Palladium Dance Hall
Park Community Centre
Parker's Restaurant
Charlie Coyote's
Park View Apartments
George A. Paterson
Paul's Hauling Ltd.
A.E. McKenzie
Jack Hawson
Christopher David Mitrou
A. Reginald McDiarmid
Tony Macialek
Alex Mowat
David Weiss
Joseph Whitehead
Steward Shultz
Harry Cater
Charles Pilling
Robert Coombs
William Henderson
Arthur Johnson
George W. Noble
T.J. Beaubier
Harry Brown
Frank Massin
H.L. Patmore
Jack MacArthur
Flora Cowan
P.A. Kennedy
George Fitton
William Ferguson
Jack Coleman
A.E. Smith
J.C.P. Mitchell
Joseph Boyarski
W.T. "Bud" Higgins
Colonel Charles Whillier
Benjamin Hales
Fred Young
Wilfred Bigelow
Gabriel Charles (Barney) Mollot
E.J. Tyler
Pierre Cancade
George Sykes
G.R. Rowe
George Bass
Ritchie (Bob) Macpherson
Leslie Alexander McKay
Herbert Samuel Sharpe
Tom Ryles
Harold George Dinsdale
Paul Leon Regis Cancade
Eleanor Kidd
Cecil Webb
Edmond Fotheringham
Roy B. Hunter
Jack Donnelly
Ian M. Brown
Charles Goucher
Lenton James Rust
Harold B. Smith
Milton Tinline
Keith Hurst
Ernest Jerrett
Pearl Treleaven
Hugh Rice
Cec Leech
William Gooden
William Samuel Gooden
Sam Wong
George Mason Henderson Bain
William Webster Fotheringham
Alex McPhail
Richard Patmore
Sandy Patterson
J.R.C. Evans
John Shurb
Joseph Frederick
Ronald Relf
William Speakman
David Norris
Myheer Crystal
Mrs. Joseph Whitehead
Gus Hendzel
Stuart Craig
Krug Crawford
Walter Hutchings
Lorne Duncan McDonald
Max Szturm
Henry Perdue
Samuel Harris
Charles Lightbody
Boom Cristal
Russell Fedoruk
James Creighton
Jack Kullberg
D.R. MacKay
W. Norman Hargreaves-Mawdsley
Reg Poole
Stephen William Bass
A.B. Downing
Ernestine Whiteside
Albert St. Clair Rumball
Alfred Veale
Clive Porteous
G.T. McNeil
J. Stuart Thompson
William Bertrand
Stephen Magnacca
Charles Unicume
Franklin Williamson
P.J. Harwood
Donn Mitchell
David Brownridge
George Mutter
J.E. Matthews
Mary Waddell
Alfred James Eamer
Herbert Stuart
Curly MacKay
Betty Gibson
Louisa Eagle
Ewart Murray
Marion Doig
Arthur Gordon Buckingham
Ernest Christie Whitehead
Daniel Cristall
Gordon Sefton
Robert Brockway
H.O. McDiarmid
Glen Fowler
Arthur Augustus Harris
James Munro
Thomas Stark
Howard B. Smith
Reginald Edward Unicume
Elwood Gorrie
James "Skip" McFarlane Mitchell
Turk Broda
Henry Neudorf
John Boyd Craig
Walter Dinsdale
A.B. Knowlton
John R. Brodie
Walter Shillinglaw
Zena Hurst
H. Vincent Kidd
People's Market Place
Perkins Family Restaurant
Pizza Hut
Pizza Place
Planet KIA
Ponderosa Steak House
Pool Packers
The Porteous Manufacturing Company
Princess Auto Ltd.
Princess Park Apartments
Princess Towers Apartments
Provincial Building
Federal Building
Pue's Interior Furnishings Ltd.
Quality Groceteria
Queen's Court
Queen Elizabeth Park
Ravenscourt Apartments
R.C.A.F. No. 2 Manning Depot
R.C.A.F. No. 12 Service Flying Training School
Brandon Rec Centre
Red Cross Drug Store
Rehab Industries of Western Manitoba
Reliance Machine and Motor Company
Rendering Plant
Ressor's Jewellery Store
Richmond Gardens Apartments Ltd.
Richmond Shoe Store
Ricki's Ladies' Ready to Wear Store
The Ricksha Restaurant
Rideau Park
Rideau Park Personal Care Home
Ritz Cafe
Riverbank Discovery Centre
Riverheights Terrace
Riverview Curling Club
Robins Donuts
Rosenman's Furniture
Royal Canadian Legion Brandon Branch No. 3
Royal Canadian Legion Wheat City Branch No. 247
Safety Service Station
Don Gamble
Sander's Drug Store
Wellman's Drug Store
Scotia Towers
Scott Fruit Company
Security Building
Seniors for Seniors
Tony's Shamrock Lunch
Vic Sharpe
Shaver's Furs Ltd.
Simpson Sears/Sears Canada
Shoppers Mall Brandon
Brandon and Distric Shriner's Club
Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.
Simplot Canada Ltd.
Koch Fertilizer Canada
Thomas Sinclair
Sixteenth Street Beach
John E. Smith Block
Smith & Burton
Smith Carter Searle Associates
Smith's Lumber Ltd.
Smith's Tobacco Shop
Smitty's Restaurant
Snye Bridge/Snye River
Sokol Hall
Sokol Manor
Somerville & Co.
Soo's Chop Suey House
South End Community Centre
Spin Well Woolen Mills Co. Ltd.
Harold Spratling
The Spruce Woods Housing Cooperative Ltd.
Stanley Park
West End Park
Stan's IGA/Stan's Fine Foods
Staples Business Depot
O. Stark & Son
Steel Store
Strand Theatre
Strathcona Apartments
Isaiah Strome
Stuarts News & Cigar Store
Lawrence Stuckey
Suburban Restaurant
Sun Cafe
The Sun Printing Company
Super Thrifty Drugs
Sykes Slide
Ted Hill's Meat Market
Texaco-Lone Star Service Station
Allen Theatre
Bijou Theatre
Capital Theatre
Landmark Cinema
Empire Theatre
Green Acres Drive-In Theatre
Lucky Star Drive-In Theatre
Oak Theatre
Orpheum Theatre
Palace Theatre
Princess Theatre
Sherman Theatre
Starland Theatre
Town Cinema
Willis Theatre
The Avenue Groceteria
The Fun Shop
Thomas Mall
Thompson Grocery
Train Drive-In & Dairy Bar
Trans-Canada Highway
Travellers Day Parade
Trotter & Trotter
Tuberculosis Act
United Commercial Travellers of America
United Grill
United Cafe
United Pacific Company Ltd.
United Services Recreation Centre
Upton Apartments
Valleyview Subdivision
Velvet Dip
Venice House Restaurant
Victoria Curling Club
Victoria Rink
Victory Cafe
The Vogue
Waddell's Children's Store
Wade & Sons Ltd.
Wally Byam Caravan Club International
Watt's Men's Wear
Welder Supplies Ltd.
Wendy's Restaurant
West End Community Centre
Westbran Stadium
Neil Andrews Field
Western cooperative Fertilizers Ltd.
Western Concrete Products Ltd.
Western Grocers Ltd.
Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium
Western Medical Clinic
Western Motors Ltd.
Westman Communications Group
Westman Media Cooperative
Westman Kiwanis Courts
Westoba Credit Union
Wheat City Arena
Winter Fair Building
Wheat City Business College
Wheat City Curling Club
Wheat City Motors
Whyte's Pantry Grocery
White Rose Service Station
Willingdon Apartments
Willson Stationery Company
Wilton Motors Ltd.
Winnipeg House
F.W. Woolworth Store
Wright & Wightman
Yaeger's Furs
Zenith Paving Ltd.
Zink's Grocery
First Baptist Church
Bethel Temple
Pentecostal Tabernacle
Bethel Christian Assembly
McDiarmid Drive Alliance Church
Calvary Temple
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
St. Paul's United Church
Central United Church
First Church of Christ Scientist
Church of the Nazarene
First Christian Reformed Church
First Church United
First Methodist Church
Methodist Church
First Presbyterian Church
Full Gospel Church
Four Square Gospel Church
Grace Lutheran Church
Grace Mennonite Church
Grand Valley Community Church
Jewish Synagogue
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses
Knox United Church
Knox Presbyterian Church
First Lutheran Church
Lutheran Redeemer Church
Madison Crescent Baptist Church
Mennonite Mission Church
Mevlana Canadian Heritage Islam Society
Richmond Park Mennonite Brethren Church
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
St. Augustine's Church
St. George's Anglican Church
St. Hedwig's Catholic Church
St. Joseph's Polish National Catholic Church
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church
St. Matthew's Cathedral
The Salvation Army
Brandon Citadel Corps
Eventide Home
Bullock-Booth Home
Dinsdale Personal Care Home
St. Mary's Anglican Church
Southminster Presbyterian Church
Trinity United Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Holy Ghost
Victoria Avenue Methodist Church
Brandon General Hospital
Assiniboine Hospital
Brandon Regional Health Centre
Brandon Regional Health Authority
A4 Military Training Camp
Fort Brandon Barracks
Brandon Mental Health Centre (BMHC)
Child & Adolescent Treatment Centre
Albion Hotel
American House
Arlington Hotel
Barney's Motel
Beaubier House
Beaubier Hotel
Mr. Bee's Inn
Best Western Brandon Inn
Brandon Hotel
Brandon House
Brunswick House
Canad Inns
Canadian Inn
Knights Inn
Casa Blanca Motel
Cecil Hotel
Chalet Inn Motel
Central Hotel
Chester House
City Hotel
Coachman Inn Motel
City Centre Hotel
Colonial Inn
Comfort Inn Motel
Journey's End Motel
Crystal Hotel
Crystal's Grand View Hotel
Days Inn
Douglas House
Empire Hotel
Edie House
Grand Central Hotel
Grand Union Hotel
Harris House
Highland Park Motor Lodge
Hillcrest Motel
Imperial Hotel
Kelly House
King Edward Hotel
Keystone Motor Inn
Lakeview Inn & Suites
Lamp Lighter Motor Lodge
Lambton House
Langham Hotel
Little Chalet Inn Motel
Merchant's Hotel
Midway Motel
Motel Rambler
Motel 6
New Pacific Hotel
Nite Rest Cabins
North Hill Motel
Ottawa Hotel
Ontario House
One & Ten Motel
Pacific Hotel
Palace Hotel
Prince Edward Hotel
Queens Hotel
Ramada Inn
Red Oak Inn
Redwood Inn
Redwood Motor Inn
Redwood Travelodge
Reno Hotel
Rodeway Inn Motel
Roseland Hotel
Royal Arms Hotel
Royal George Hotel
Royal Hotel
Royal Oak Inn
The Scotsman Motel
Shore House
Star & Garter Hotel
Sunset Motel
Starlight Motel
Super 6 Motel
Super 8 Motel
Trails West Motor Inn
Transit House
Twin Pines Motel
Victorial Hotel
Victoria Inn
Western Motel
Wheat City Hotel
Windsor Hotel
G.W. Alexander
E.G. Wiswell
John Richards
Thomas Hudson
John Melhuish
Alexander Mowat
George Bain
Jack Carey
Edward Polnick
Gary Winters
Rick Gregoire
Brent Dane
Archibald McMillan
Peter Duncan
Jack Foster
Watson Boyd
E.G. Berry
Joseph Robert Hardy
Charlie Goucher
Harry Bernard Everett
John Little
Harry Collister
Roger Hines
David McNamee
Ken Elliott
Keith Buizer
Brian Scott
Dick Scott
Richard Bruce
Harley Bryson
Keith Atkinson
Ian Grant
City Hall
Brandon City Council
City of Brandon
Brandon Cemetery
Brandon School Board
Brandon School Division
Alexandra School
Assiniboine Community College
Assiniboine School
Betty Gibson School
Brandon Collegiate Institute (BCI)
Central School
Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School
David Livingstone School
Earl Haig School
Earl Oxford School
East Ward School
Fleming School
George Fitton School
Green Acres School
Harrison High School
Harrison Middle School
Christian Heritage School
Indian Industrial School
Indian Residential School
King George School
Kirkcaldy Heights School
Linden Lanes School
Lions School
McLaren School
Meadows Elementary School
Neelin High School
New Era School
Brandon Normal School
Brandon Agricultural & Homemaking School
Agricultural Extension Centre
North Ward School
Park School
J.R. Reid School
Riverheights School
Riverview Elementary School
Sacred Heart School
St. Augustine's School
St. Joseph's Academy
St. Michael's Convent
St. Michael's Academy
Technical School
Valleyview Centennial School
Vincent Massey High School
Waverly School
West Ward School
Brandon College
Brandon University
Brandon Generating Station
Brandon Quota Club
Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol
Subject Access
Dominion Exhibition Brandon (1913)
bowling alleys
bus transportation
Canada's centennial
drug stores
Grain elevators
Flour mills
funeral homes
funeral chapels
garbage dumps
ice houses
ice wagons
IGA stores
grocery stores
infantile paralysis
manufactured gas
street names
natural gas
public utilities
Brandon General Strike
police department
parking meters
post offices
alcohol regulations
roller rinks
skate board parks
telephone services
military hospitals
fire chiefs
fire department
police chiefs
judicial system
city boundaries
city engineers
city managers
Brandon's 75th Anniversary
Brandon's centennial
Storage Location
2003 accessions 4-2013 with 2013 accessions
Storage Range
2003 accessions, 2013 accessions; loose photographs from the 8-2008 accession are located in the RG 5 photograph storage drawer.
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Alumni - homecoming and class reunions
Part Of
RG 6 Brandon University fonds
Description Level
Sub sub series
multiple media
Date Range
1939-1943;1979; 2003
Part Of
RG 6 Brandon University fonds
Description Level
Sub sub series
Series Number
multiple media
Date Range
1939-1943;1979; 2003
Physical Description
0.5 cm; 14 b/w photographs with descriptions
History / Biographical
This sub sub series is artificially created.
Scope and Content
Sub sub series consists of photographs taken from the Class of 1943 reunion in 2003 and a scrapbook prepared for the Class of 1949's reunion in 1979.
Subject Access
Class of 1943
Storage Location
RG 6 Brandon University fonds Series 10: Office of Development 10.3 Alumni Relations
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Part Of
Alumni Relations - homecoming and class reunions
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1939-1943, 2003
Accession Number
Part Of
Alumni Relations - homecoming and class reunions
Description Level
Series Number
File Number
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
1939-1943, 2003
Physical Description
14 b&w photographs Textual descriptions for each photograph
Physical Condition
Very good
History / Biographical
Several years ago the Alumni Relations began a program of class reunions and reconvocation in conjunction with annual spring convocations. This program continues to the present (March 2006) and this document was produced in 2003 for the Class of 1943 reunion.
Custodial History
Images remain in the possession of Betty Knowlton (nee Burgoyne). She provided copies of the images to the Alumni Office for the Class of 1943 reunion. Those images were transferred to the McKee Archives by Alumni Relations.
Scope and Content
File consists of copies of photographs of the Class of 1943 provided by Betty Knowlton (nee Burgoyne) for the Class of 1943 reunion. The photographs and descriptions are mounted on Brandon University cardstock. File also contains the program for the President's Reception and Dinner.
Name Access
Howard Brown
Ted Speers
Garth Taylor
Jean Nonovan
Evelyn Leach
Carl Bachinski
Dorothy Pierson
Bill Harwood
Betty Burgoyne
Murray McLeod
Doreen Bolstad
Hugh Knowlton
Doris Perkins
Beryl Thompson
Jean Downing
Gordon Knowlton
Charlie Hamilton
Gregor Grant
George Ingham
Nevone Houck
Alixe Meadows
Garth Chalmers
Marj Fahrig
Ray Bailey
Maej Lebelle
Murray McPherson
Bill Orr
Ron Armstrong
Anna Fleming
Elizabeth Gaersky
Cliff Kitson
Dorothy Moffit
Martin Johns
Ellis McLaren
Ruth Hunter
Joe Boreskie
Doug Wesley
Mary Hughes
Bill Rosenberry
Bixx Hoover
Jack Buckham
George Gooden
Greg Grant
Bill Baynton
Peter Wityck
Del Harris
Subject Access
Class of 1943
class reunions
Storage Location
RG 6 Brandon University fonds Series 10: Office of Development 10.3 Alumni Relations 10.3.3 Homecoming and Class Reunions
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Albert Edward McKenzie
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 1 1.7
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
39 cm textual records 4 photographs
History / Biographical
A.E. McKenzie was born in Wilcox Lake, York County, Ontario in 1870 to F.B. and Maria (Carley) McKenzie. His family came to Manitoba in 1883. He was educated in Brandon, Manitoba and graduated from the Collegiate Institute at age 21. In 1897 he founded the Brandon Seed House. McKenzie was present at the cornerstone-laying ceremony of Brandon College on Juy 13, 1900. From that moment on, he was very involved in the College, first as an interested businessman, and later as a member of its Board of Directors. In 1902, McKenzie married Laura Bell in Port Arthur. They had two daughters, Marjorie Bell and Kathleen. In 1906 the Brandon Seed House was incorporated and from then on was known as the "A.E. McKenzie Co. Ltd.." McKenzie became a member of the Brandon College Endowment Committee in 1918. The following year he was on the Finance Committee. By 1925, McKenzie was a member of the Board of Directors. In 1928, he was part of a syndicate that advised the Baptist Union that they were developing an endowment plan to provide continuing financial support to the College and talked the Union into providing $10 000 towards the accumulated deficit. In 1931, McKenzie organized the Brandon Board of Trade to help save Brandon College when the Baptists said they could no longer afford to keep the College. After the By-law failed, he helped to organize the Brandon Citizen’s Campaign to raise enough money so that the College could open the following year. When the Baptists withdrew support in 1938, McKenzie was one of the central figures on the Brandon Board of Trade that decided to save the College from closure. A representative delegation from Southwestern Manitoba of over 60 men descended upon Premier Bracken’s office to try and convince him to help the College. On June 12, 1938 McKenzie said he would set up a $100 000 endowment to Brandon College. He subsequently raised this amount to $300 000. On August 1, 1938 the Board of Trade launched a campaign to raise $15 000 to match what the government was prepared to offer the College. McKenzie was asked to provide Brandon College with $3000 personally. In September of 1938, McKenzie upped his endowment once more to $500 000. The fund raising worked however, and the chater establishing Brandon College Incorporated was assented to on April 17, 1939. On June 6, 1939 a by-law was again presented to the citizens of Brandon, and fortunately it passed. In 1941, McKenzie received an honorary L.L.D. from the University of Manitoba. The A.E. McKenzie Foundation was created in 1945 by the provincial government, who had assumed 90% of the A.E. McKenzie Co. Ltd. stock. On September 25, 1964 McKenzie died at the age of 94. He never retired, but worked full time until two weeks before his death. The funeral was held in the J.R.C. Evans Lecture Theatre. The Arts and Library Building at Brandon College was completed in 1960, and is known as the A.E. McKenzie building, in honour of the man who contributed so much time, effort and financial help to the College during a crucial period in its history.
Custodial History
Records were accessioned by the McKee Archives in 1998. Prior custodial history is unknown.
Scope and Content
A.E. McKenizie’s records in the Brandon College fonds are very useful from an administrative point of view. Because McKenzie was so involved in Brandon College from the very beginning until his death in 1964, it is easy to understand how the College Administration arrived at decisions. There is correspondence between McKenzie and various regarding College and Board of Director business. There are Brandon College financial statements and letters regarding the A.E. McKenzie Foundation. The records contain newspaper clippings, pamphlets and lists of names of members of various Brandon organizations. As well, McKenzie has letters regarding Building Expansion in the 1940’s and minutes of Board of Director meetings. There are also several photographs. One photograph is the 1919 graduation picture of Zoe Hough. Another is tentatively identified as Frances Wolverton, also of the Class of 1919. There are two more photographs of unidentified young women.
Name Access
A.E. McKenzie
A.E. McKenzie Foundation
Brandon College
Zoe Hough
Frances Wolverton
Subject Access
Class of 1919
board of directors
building expansion
Storage Location
MG 1 Brandon College Teaching and Administration 1.7 Albert Edward McKenzie
Related Material
RG 3 A.E. McKenzie Seeds Co. Ltd. fonds
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MG 2 Brandon College students
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
See individual series for extent.
History / Biographical
The Brandon College Students series is an artificially created collection. It contains the private papers of former Brandon College students.
Scope and Content
The series has been divided into the following sub-series: MG 2 2.1 Kathleen Emily Kenner MG 2 2.2 Gerald R. Brown MG 2 2.3 Saul L. Cohen MG 2 2.4 Paul McKinnon MG 2 2.5 Verda McDonald MG 2 2.6 Frances Percival (nee Fraser) MG 2 2.7 Raymond R. Bailey MG 2 2.8 Harold Arthur Kinniburgh MG 2 2.9 Barbara Cooper MG 2 2.10 Class of 1953 MG 2 2.11 Elizabeth Kovach MG 2 2.12 Carole Paintin-Dence MG 2 2.13 Edward Lloyd Bowler MG 2 2.14 Rev. Einar Egilsson MG 2 2.15 George Thorman MG 2 2.16 Robert Dudley Howland MG 2 2.17 Charles H. Koester MG 2 2.18 Robert Harvey MG 2 2.19 Lawrence Skeoch MG 2 2.20 Edith Laycock MG 2 2.21 Marion Stone MG 2 2.22 Margaret Doran Roberts MG 2 2.23 Georgina (Hill) Matiation MG 2 2.24 Class of 1950 MG 2 2.25 Donald Freeman MG 2 2.26 William Archibald Branton MG 2 2.27 Adelene Monica Bailey MG 2 2.28 Lois and Gordon Daly MG 2 2.29 Marionne Scott MG 2 2.30 Christine Coltart MG 2 2.31 Bertha Leith (nee Clark) MG 2 2.32 Margaret Hawley Speers MG 2 2.33 Ruth and Archie MacLachlan MG 2 2.34 Fran Sallows MG 2 2.35 Clare Coburn MG 2 2.36 Gordon Lindsay
Description by Christy Henry.
Subject Access
former students
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students
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Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1938, 1951-1952, 1955-1956, 1990-1991, 1997-2009
Accession Number
30-1998, 3-1999, 02-2001, 04-2001, 07-2001, 04-2003, 27-2006, 19-2007
Part Of
RG 1 Brandon College fonds
Description Level
Series Number
MG 2 2.2
Accession Number
30-1998, 3-1999, 02-2001, 04-2001, 07-2001, 04-2003, 27-2006, 19-2007
multiple media
Date Range
1938, 1951-1952, 1955-1956, 1990-1991, 1997-2009
Physical Description
87.5 cm (57.5 cm textual records and 29 photographs)
History / Biographical
Gerald Brown was born and raised in Vista, Manitoba. He attended Islay and Rossburn schools. In 1955, he attended Brandon College to take the one year Teacher Training Course. He was part of the first graduating T.T.C. class at Brandon College. After graduation he taught in Ninga, MB. He also taught in Brandon and C.F.B. Shilo. In 1965, he moved to Winnipeg to pursue a career in school librarianship and information services until he retired in 1992. By the end of his career he had been Chief Librarian for thirteen years. He received a B.A. from Brandon College in 1964, a B.Ed. from the University of Manitoba in 1965, a Master of Library Science from Western Michigan in 1968, and a M. Ed. from the University of Manitoba in 1972. He is also very involved with music. At present Gerald Brown continues to live in Winnpeg, MB.
Custodial History
Accession 24-2009: Brown compiled these materials from the personal collections of Colin Mailer, Lorne Watson, Norman Kalinski and Gerald Brown. He delivered them to the Archives on November 17, 2009. Accession 5-2013: Materials collected and written by Gerald R. Brown in the course of preparing for and attending the Islay (Vista) School District No. 733 reunion held in Rossburn, MB on August 4-6, 2006.
Scope and Content
Accession 30-1998 consists of newspaper clippings for Brandon College 1955-56 complied by Gerald Brown for the 41st anniversary of the graduation of the Brandon College Teacher Training Class of 1956; photographs of the TTC of 1956; the Reunion Yearbook for the anniversary of the 1956 TTC class; and a copy of the program for the 1998 production of W.S. Gilbert and Sullivan musical The Yeoman of the Guard. Accession 3-1999 consists of a compilation of nine seasons of Gilbert & Sullivan Society pictures, programs, and newsletters. Mr. Brown and other graduates of the Brandon School of Music are among the cast members. Accession 2-2001 consists of copies of the newsletter, Titipu Times, for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Winnipeg, Volume 10, 1-4, a 10th Anniversary Program (2000) and a list of ensemble singers 2000/2001. Accession 4-2001 consists of a scrapbook and programs for the following Gilbert & Sullivan productions: “Patience” (performed April 6-9, 2000 in Winnipeg) and “Pirates of Penzance” (April 5-8, 2001). Accession 7-2001 consists of 4 colour photographs and a one page summary of the activities of the Reunion TTC 1956 during the May 2001 Convocation. Accession 4-2003 consists of colour photographs of the 41st Reunion of the Brandon College Teacher Training Course 1955-56 held in May 2001. Included as well is a "Past History Summary" of the Class of 56 Reunions and a copy of Reflecting on Our Past, a publication of the Brandon School Division. Accession 27-2006 consists of materials collected and written by Gerald R. Brown in the course of preparing for and attending the Islay (Vista) School District No. 733 reunion held in Rossburn, MB on August 4-6, 2006. It includes a copy of "Vista Tales. . . from Islay School District No. 733 in Vista, Manitoba" compiled and edited by Gerald R. Brown (c.2006), a program of events for the reunion, a copy of the reunion worship service program, and 15 postcards entitled "Vista Views," which were sold at the reunion. Accession 19-2007 includes biographical information on Isabelle Mills, former faculty member of Brandon College (School of Music) and the program for HMS Pinafore, presented by the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Winnipeg (2003). Accession 24-2009 (1938-2009, 30 cm textual records) consists of the records of the Brandon Festival of the Arts. Included are: meeting minutes (Executive, Regular and Annual), reports, financial reports, correspondence; programs and syllabi from the Festival; and Festival highlights and similar programs. Accession 5-2013 (1951-1952, 2006, 5 cm textual records, 3 CDs) consists of hard copies of "Vista Tales. . . from Islay School District No. 733 in Vista, Manitoba Reunion Photo File" and "Vista Tales. . . from Islay School District No. 733 in Vista, Manitoba Alunni & Community Events" compiled and edited by Gerald R. Brown (c.2006). Also includes three CDs containing ditigal versions of all three Vista Tales volumes and a a copy of the 1951-1952 Foxwarren High School yearbook.
Description by Christy Henry and Tom Mitchell.
Name Access
Gerald Brown
Teacher Training Course
Islay School District No. 733
Brandon Festival of the Arts
Subject Access
class of 1956
college memorabila
speech arts
Finding Aid
A detailed inventory (prepared by Gerald Brown) for accession 24-2009 is available.
Storage Location
MG 2 Brandon College Students 2.2 Gerald R. Brown
Related Material
Accession 26-2006 (MacPhail fonds) contains school/teaching materials for a number of Vista, Manitoba residents and one Islay School teacher.
Dates for materials in accession 24-2009 are as follows:
Minutes etc.: 1958-1960, 1967-1992, 2001-2002, 2006-2009
Syllabi and programs: 1938, 1958-1970, 1973-1984, 1986-1990, 1992-1999, 2001, 2003-2005, 2007-2008
Festival hilights and similar programs: 1973-1987
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