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Delta Chapter (Brandon) - Delta Kappa Gamma Society International fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
textual records
Date Range
April 7, 1979
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
textual records
Date Range
April 7, 1979
Physical Description
one document 10"x14"
Physical Condition
History / Biographical
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, which was established in 1929, is a professional honorary Society of women educators. The Society promotes professional and personal growth of its members and excellence in education. Membership is by invitation only and considered a prestigious honor with a variety of benefits and privileges.
Custodial History
The document was in the possession of Merle Orth, Chair of the Archives Committee for the chapter prior to its donation to the McKee Archives.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of the organizational charter of the Brandon chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.
History/Bio information taken from the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International webpage: [October 5, 2012]. Description by Tom Mitchell.
Storage Location
2011 accessions
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United Commercial Travelers Ladies Auxiliary #112 collection
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
October 30, 1937 – October 2006
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
October 30, 1937 – October 2006
Physical Description
51cm of textual records
141 photographs
6 artifacts
History / Biographical
The Brandon Ladies Auxiliary #112 of the United Commercial Travelers of America received its charter on October 30, 1937 at their first meeting, which took place in the Rose Room of the Prince Edward Hotel in Brandon, Manitoba. At this time the membership of the Ladies Auxiliary #112 consisted of 27 Sisters. Brother Ernie Tatton, Grand Counselor at the time, presented the Ladies Auxiliary with their Bible in May 1938. Winnipeg Auxiliary #48 gave the Brandon Auxiliary their Bible Book Mark and Saskatoon Auxiliary #23 gave them their gavel. Initial meetings were held in the Rose Room of the Prince Edward Hotel on Saturday evenings, when the Brothers would meet after their weekly travels. Meetings were then moved to the Kelly Block on 8th Street. Here the Sisters would meet downstairs and the Brothers upstairs. Meetings were usually followed by dancing, singing, and lunch downstairs. Meetings were held in the Masonic Temple, the Knights of Columbus Hall, the Orange Hall, the Oddfellows Hall, and eventually in the UCT Hall. Throughout all the location changes, a social hour was still held with the Brothers. The Brandon Auxiliary always performed the ritualistic and floor drill work. Originally, patrols only joined the Officers when Brandon Auxiliary was hosting a Grand Session. Patrols, with matching outfits, soon became a part of the floor work at every meeting. Officers were required to wear the proper attire. Capes were introduced in 1940 and white shoes, stockings, and dresses in 1941. Membership swelled over the years and 50 years after being inaugurated the Brandon Auxiliary could claim 136 Sisters. The Brandon Ladies Auxiliary #112 was always very active within the larger community, especially with fundraising and charitable donation. Initially the Brandon Auxiliary supported the Red Cross by sewing and knitting. The Brandon Auxiliary also supported the Canadian Cancer Society at this time by making dressings. Rummage sales and teas were used to fundraise at the time. Teas were used in conjunction with the wives of the Steam Plant to purchase equipment for the first school in Brandon that taught developmentally delayed children. The Brandon Auxiliary also did fundraising teas, Walk-a-thons, bazaars, and raffles for the Camroc workshop, which was built for older handicapped students. Bingo games were used to raise funds as well. Other projects of the Brandon Ladies Auxiliary include: 1. Builders of Women – provides help to needy girls and women and gives a scholarship out at the Festival of the Arts. In 1969 the Ladies Auxiliary refurnished the third floor of the YWCA. 2. Cancer – assistance with the annual canvas, ride and run events, putting on an event with a speaker and film, and a survey of sisters who had their annual pap test. 3. Handicapped Children – purchase of equipment for the handicapped classes at George Fitton School and the COR Enterprises (formerly Camroc) workshop. One sister was a volunteer for their swimming and bowling classes, among other things. 4. The Three Benevolent Funds 5. May E. Tisdale Educational Fund – donated to this fund every year, usually in memory of deceased sisters. 6. Brandon General Hospital Special Equipment Fund – every year a sum was included in the Ladies Auxiliary budget to purchase special equipment for the Brandon Hospital. Civic Service donations included the Mental Health Centre Christmas gifts, three Christmas hampers for needy families, Canadian Diabetes Association, Manitoba Heart Fund, and Brandon Figure Skating Club. In 1962, the Auxiliary's 25th birthday, their first Dessert Party and Bake Sale was held. This had the stated objectives of growing and working together as a group and raising money for the organization. This became an annual event. Sisters who had attended for 25 years were honoured at the Auxiliary's 36th birthday celebration. Every birthday after that, sisters who had attended for 25 years were guests at the dinner and presented with a corsage and a gift. Sick and bereaved were also remembered at these functions. In the 1980s the Ladies Auxiliary continued to support the UCT Brandon Council #448 in the Annual Travellers Day Parade, Grand Sessions, and other functions. In the early 1990s the United Commercial Travelers voted to allow women to join the Councils. This marked the beginning of the end for the Auxiliaries. However, ladies who had no connection to a Council could join an Auxiliary now whereas before only a wife, sister, or granddaughter of a Council member could join. The final Grand Auxiliary Sessions were held in Brandon in May 2003. By this point only three auxiliaries were still active across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta and all had difficulty recruiting new members. Most of the membership at this time was elderly and unable to take office or work at teas and other such events. Calgary and Regina's Auxiliaries were down to less than twelve members. Brandon still had more than 90 on the membership roll but only about 20 attended meetings regularly and it was becoming difficult to fill Officer positions. The final Dessert and Bake Sale was held in October 2002 and was the 40th such event. With the demise of the Grand Auxiliary in 2003, it was decided that Brandon would continue to operate; however, after a year it was decided that Brandon would no longer operate as a formal auxiliary. Monthly luncheons would now be held with December being a Christmas Party supper. The last formal meeting was held in the Parkview Seniors complex on March 22, 2004. The money in the Grand Auxiliary's account was distributed to the three remaining auxiliaries based on how much had been contributed over the preceding ten years. Brandon received $2,500 and had about $5,000 in their account. When formal meetings were discontinued it was decided to donate $5,000 to the “A Bed for You, A Bed for Me” campaign of the Brandon General Hospital. Approximately $1,100 was given to their Chairs from Mentally Challenged and Builders of Women to use as they pleased. All members on the membership roll were contacted and asked if they wished to remain members. Several decided not to but 50 members remained. Each member under 80 paid a $5 membership fee in April or October. Beginning in 2004, $1 was collected from every member that attended a luncheon to pay for stamps and cards sent to those who were ill, lost a loved one, turned 80, etc. Fundraising is limited to selling Riverview Curling Club Lottery Calendars for which the Ladies Auxiliary #112 received $4. In 2005 $128 was collected and $25 donated to five different charities. In 2006, sisters of the Auxiliary still worked at the Fairview Daffodil Tea for Cancer, put on the January birthday party at Hillcrest Place, worked the Big Craft Sale at the Keystone Centre in October, worked with the Salvation Army Kettles at Christmas, and sold carnatons for multiple sclerosis and daffodils for the Cancer Society. Luncheons held averaged about 20 members and 25 at Christmas.
Custodial History
Records were created and collected by the members of the Brandon United Commercial Travelers Ladies Auxiliary #112. The collection was donated to the S.J. McKee Archives in March 2007.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of records that document the origin, activities, and ultimately the disbandment of the Brandon Ladies Auxiliary #112 of the Order of the United Commercial Travelers of America. These records were created and accumulated during the nearly 70 year existence of the UCT Ladies Auxiliary #112. The collection consists of the minutes of their meetings from November 1939 to November 1991, photographs of the members, and sign-in books from October 1937 to March 1991. It also contains the account ledger from April 1972 to March 1997. Several scrapbooks containing photographs and newspaper clippings related to the activities and members of the Ladies Auxiliary and the United Commercial Travelers, spanning the nearly 70 lifespan of the organization, are also included in the collection. Both the United Commercial Travelers Council #448 and the United Commercial Travelers Ladies Auxiliary #112 were very active in raising funds for various charitable organizations. Money was raised for the Brandon General Hospital, as well as for George Fitton School to assist with their special education program. Organizations such as the Red Cross, the Canadian Cancer Society, special needs organizations, United Way, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and several other organizations all received the benefits of UCT fundraising. Scholarships were also given out. Teas, dessert and bake sales, sewing and knitting, rummage sales, Walk-a-thons, bazaars, and raffles were all used to raise money for charitable donations. Collection also contains various artifacts including a gavel, the original charter of the Ladies Auxiliary #112, nomination balls, officer's badges, a Bible, and the cloth used for the draping of a deceased member's charter. Also included is a handbook detailing the rituals carried out by the United Commercial Travelers of America.
History/biographical information provided by Sister Bernice Nerbas of the UCT Ladies Auxiliary #112. Copies of their history are found in the collection. Description by Joseph Dauphinais (October 2013).
Name Access
The Order of the United Commercial Travelers of America (UCT)
The Order of the United Commercial Travelers of America (UCT) Ladies Auxiliary
The Order of the United Commercial Travelers of America #448
The Order of the United Commercial Travelers of America Ladies Auxiliary #112
UCT Ladies Auxiliary #112
Jessie Tatton
Florence Offer
Bertha Baker
Wilma Martin
Hattie Moffat
Isabelle Driver
Belle Driver
Rose Woodlock
Kay Quinn
Blanche Macleay
Diane Finch
Jean Williamson
Anne Larkins
Doris Gromb
Helen Cook
Mae MacEdwards
Heidi Cleuett
Flora Francis
Gladys Quinn
Janet MacLeod
Myrtle Cook
Lillian Hare
Margaret Geiler
Alice Cosgrove
Phyllis Clark
Charlotte Kellie
Dot MacKay
Audrey Campbell
Jean Chrisp
Patricia Brooking
Pat Brooking
Patricia Scott
Jaye Little
Iva Brynelson
Marilyn Johnston
Doris Stanzeleit
Mildred Darvill
Bernice Keown
Myrtle Kardash
Linda Koshowski
Vonnie Coates
Carole Mann
Anne Dunwald
Brenda Loll
Aileen Smalley
Phyllis Elliott
Donna Thompson
Elfriede Verstock
Freddie Verstock
Heather Bernhardt
Linda Garson
Kathleen Heppner
Lois Osudar
Ricki Woods
Bernice Nerbas
Cancer Society
Subject Access
women's organizations
charitable organizations
Storage Location
2013 accessions
Related Material
The Order of the United Commercial Travelers of America (UCT) fonds (5-2008), 4 photographs in the CKX fonds (11-2010.U5, 11-2010.U6a, 11-2010.U6b, 11-2010.U6c), Jack Stothard collection (4-2013)
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Westman Recycling Council fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
textual records
Date Range
November 15, 1989 - March 26, 2009
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
textual records
Date Range
November 15, 1989 - March 26, 2009
Physical Description
90 cm
History / Biographical
The Westman Recycling Council was started by a small group of avid recyclers with financial and volunteer help from the Kiwanis Club of Brandon, among others. Volunteers organized the first outdoor recycling depots in June and October 1989. The first event with recorded minutes was the first annual meeting, November 15, 1989. The organization was incorporated in February 1990, and became a registered charity in 1995. The Mission Statement was: "to support and promote the reduction, re-use, and recycling of material resources for the benefit of Westman's environment and future generations." The major partner in the work of the organization was the City of Brandon. In 2003, Westman Recycling, in partnership with the City, built a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at the Brandon Landfill; Westman Recycling owned the building on the City-owned land. It was a $4 million structure - financed by federal and provincial grants (about one-quarter of the total) and a mortgage (about three-quarters). Details are in the Board and other Committee minutes and agreements. In late 2005, Westman Recycling faced a severe cash crunch - as a result of poor markets for recyclables, changes in support funding from the Manitoba Product Stewardship Corporation (MPSC), and a drop in public recycling levels. In February 2006, the City decided to sign a contract with another organization to operate the MRF; after that there appeared to be no role for Westman Recycling. A general meeting on September 22, 2008 voted to dissolve the organization. At that meeting, the suggestion was made (agreed to by consensus) that the files of the organization be donated to Brandon University to be made available for researchers. A Board of Directors meeting on the same date voted to donate all remaining funds to a perpetual "Westman Recycling" fund with the Brandon Area Community Foundation. A final wind-up meeting was held on March 26, 2009
Custodial History
The organization was overseen by volunteers / volunteer Board of Directors. The files were first held by volunteers / Board members in their homes. In May 1991, the organization hired David McConkey as Coordinator / General Manager, who was directed by the Board to manage the files on a daily basis from that date forward. The files were kept in the organization's rented office space in the 1300 block of Pacific Avenue from May 1991 to September 1992, and then in the rented space in the Massey building at 6th Street and Pacific Avenue. The files were kept at the new facility at the landfill from April 2003 to February 2006. They were then stored in the basement of the Marquis Project, 912 Rosser Avenue, until August 2011 when they were donated to the S.J. McKee Archives, Brandon University. Some files (e.g. minutes from 1995-96) were found to be missing entirely. Other files were disposed of by recycling and/or shredding as they were judged to be confidential (e.g. personnel), of an ordinary business nature only (e.g. invoices), or not useful for future research (e.g. extra copies, routine correspondence, building and equipment plans and other arrangements).
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of records that document the origin, activities, demise, and legacy of the Westman Recycling Council. Records include minutes, financial summaries, scrapbooks, newsletters, brochures, media clippings, photographs and miscellaneous documents related to the construction in collaboration with the City of Brandon of Brandon's principal recycling facility.
Administrative history courtesy David McConkey. See additional notes on the organization in the curatorial file. Description by Tom Mitchell.
Storage Location
2011 accessions
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Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1965-1980, predominant 25 May 1965 - 30 September 1976
Accession Number
8-2001, 13-2016
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
8-2001, 13-2016
multiple media
Date Range
1965-1980, predominant 25 May 1965 - 30 September 1976
Physical Description
12 cm textual records
6 b/w photographs (loose)
1 artefact
Physical Condition
Some of the items in the scrapbook have come loose from their pages, some documents are stained from a liquid, likely coffee
History / Biographical
In 1965, Chris Verhoef, member of the Overture Concert Association, Allied Arts Centre, and Brandon Citizens' Commitee for the Performing Arts, called for a meeting of Western manitoba citizens interested in the prospect of a Philharmonic Choir for the region. The meeting took place on 26 May 1965; the steering committee that gathered, led by Margaret Goodman, undertook the formation of the Choir. The Choir would have an Executive consistign of at least four members, and a committee consisting of a minimum seven members. Each executive member would be elected on an annual basis. The Choir's executive, in collaboration with the conductor, would determine the choir's repertoire for the year. The establishment of the Western Manitoba PHilharmonic Choir (WMPC) sought to encourage amateurs to sing for enjoyment, provide the opportunity for a choir to perform choral compositions in collaboration with a symphony orchestra and promote and sponsor the musical arts in the Western Manitoba region. Membership to the choir would be open to all citizens of the region, and members would be accepted based on the discretion of the conductor. The first meeting of prospective members took place on 27 September 1965 in St. Matthews Cathedral parish Hall where more than 90 people gathered and registered to become a member of the WMPC. Chris Verhoef led the Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir into its first season as President of the choir's Executive Committee. For the organization's first season, the WMPC hired two members of the Brandon College School of Music: Lucien Needham for the position of conductor and Louise Chapman for the position of accompanist. Brandon College, as well as other donors sponsored the choir for its first season. The Choir held its debut performance in collaboration with the Winnipeg Sympnay Orchestra (WSO) on 12 March 1966, and the Choir's performance of Vivaldi's Gloria and Handel's Dettingen te Deum attracted an audience of more than 1400 people. The performance was well received by the public. The debut performance's asuccess earned the CHoir a rcommendation for a grant from the Manitoba Centennial Corporation that would sponsor a special concert during the centennial year. Furthermore, the Canada Council supported the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, by the means of special funds, to make the Symphony's appearance witht he Philharmonic Choir possible. For the WMPC's second season, membership rose to 111 amateur singers. Verhoef remained as President of the Executive, while the Brandon Citizens' Committee for the Performing Arts provided sponsorship. Following the Choir's performance of Schubert's Mass in Eb Major on 17 November 1966, the membership increased to 132 singers. On 20 January 1967, the WMPC's first taped broadcast was released over CBC and CKX. The broadcast's success resulted in an offer from CBC to record another broadcast for a similar release. The Kiwanis Club of Rivers invited the Choir to perform in Rivers on 25 january 1967. On 7 April 1967, the Choir performed Haydn's oratorio, The Creation, in the Brandon College Gymnasium. The choir elected Murray Ames as President to lead it through its thrid and fourth seasons. In its third season, the WMPC, conducted by Leonard Mayoh, performed Handel's Messiah on 22 November 1967 in the Brandon University Gymnasium. The Choir's spring concert, name the "Chris Verhoef Memorial Concert," in honour of Chris Verhoef who had passed away December 1967, featured works by Bach, Brahms and Perry. Held on 9 March 1968, in the Brandon University Gymansium, the concert featured Brandon university student James Stewart as soloist and was received with great praise. In addition to the memorial concert, the WMPC also established a $500 scholarship for a Brandon University music student to honour Verhoef's substantial contribution to the community. The first concert of the Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir's fourth season was held on 10 December 1968, in the J.R.C. Evans Lecture Theatre at Brandon University and featured selections from Handel's Messiah. A piano trio comprised of Francis Chaplin (violin), Malcom Tait (cello) and Gordon Macpherson (piano), as well as a brass trio, also performed at the chori's winter concert. In its fourth season, the WMPC performed two concerts in the second half of its season. On 15 FEbrurary 1969, in cooperation with CKX Radio and Television, the choir performed works by Mozart, Hindemith, and Mahler in collaboration with the Winnipeg Sympony Orchestra conducted by George Cleve. Later in the season, the choir performed Brahms' Requiem Mass, once again in collaboration with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Dr. R. Parker filled the position of President of the Executive for the duration of the Choir's fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. The fifth season saw the WMPC performing four concerts. Conducted by Leonard Mayoh, it opened its season on 11 october 1969 with a performance at the Grand Finale of the Grand Opening of the Western manitoba Centennial Auditorium, performing theoverture to Mozart's The Magic Flute and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. Their Christmas concert, also conduceted by Mayoh, took place on 10 December 1969. The Choir's third concert of its fifth season was held on 31 january 1970, in cooperation with CKX RAdio and Television, and featured works by Mendelssohn, Ravel, and Schubert, in collaboration with the WSO under the direction of conductor George Cleve. The season concluded with another concert in collaboration with the WSO on 7 March 1970, conducted by Leonard Mayoh. This concert featured works by Vaughn Williams, Handel and Poulenc. Seasons six and seven consisted of two concerts each. The Choir held its fifth annual Christmas Concert on 5 December 1970. Led by Leonard Mayoh, it performed its spring concert on 10 April 1971 in collaboration with members from the Winnipeg Symphony, featuring selections by Bach and Mozart in the Western manitoba Centennial Auditorium. Into its seventh season, the Choir performed Bach's Christmas Oratorio on 4 December 1971 in the Central United Church. For its final concert of the year, the WMPC revisited a piece that had been the main focus of its second season: Haydn's oratorio, The Creation. The Choir performed this Haydn masterwork on 8 April 1972 under the direction of Piero Gamba. Helen Riesberry led the choir through its eigth and ninth seasons as President of the Executive. In its eigth season, the WMPC held its annual Christmas concert on 12 December 1972 in collaboration with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in the style of a sing-along led by Mitch Miller. The choir's spring concert featured another masterwork, Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, conducted by Piero Gamba. The WMPC and members of the WSO performed the Requiem Mass on 28 April 1973 at the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium. Despite the lack of attendance at rehearsals since the Christmas concert, the WMPC presented an overall effective performance of the challenging Requiem Mass. In its ninth season, Derek Morphy took over the position of conductor from Leonard Mayoh. Morphy had his debut performance as conductor with the WMPC at the annual Christmas concert on 17 December 1973. In March 1974, in collaboration with members from the WSO, Morphy led the Choir in its performance of Mendelssohn's oratorio, Elijah, in the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium. later in the season, the choir performed a concert entitled "Reflections," a choral programme for Lent and Easter, accompanied by organist Arthur Bower. Nearing the end of its ninth season, the Philharmonic Choir encountered severe financial challenges. The Choir released a notice in the newspaper that the anticipated $3000 grant from the Manitoba Arts Council had been cut to $1000, leaving the Choir $3100 in debt. The notice explained that the Choir needed funds in order to enable operation and continue hiring the WSO for concerts. The WMPC executive and committee held a Leonard Mayoh Night in an attempt to gain funds and donations. Although the Manitoba Arts Council raised thegrant to $2000 and the City of Brandon contributed $500, the Choir's financial situation remained in a dire state as its ninth season came to a close. The Choir elected Edith Hayden to lead it through its tenth and eleventh seasons as President of the Executive. The opening of the tenth season challenged the WMPC. In addition to its financial woes, the Choir's Executive struggled to overcome the lack of attendance at rehearsals and the shortage of male voices. The WMPC had experienced membership issues in earlier seasons as well. In its third season, despite a membership of 130 individuals, the choir had struggled to create a balanced sound due to a lack of male membership and therefore a lack of lower voices. In its sixth season, the Choir opened their concert year with an appeal for members. In an effort to improve the choir's financial affairs, the Choir Executive and conductor decided against hiring the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for the time being. In an attempt to improve the situation, Derek Morphy wrote a letter to the members of the Choir outlining his concern that he may not be meeting their expectations as a conductor but hoped to generate positive and hopeful prospects for the future of music-making together. The Choir's annual Christmas concert featured a collaboration with the Brandon School Division Music Department and Brandon School Orchestra and Band Association, as well as dancers choreographed by Barbra Enhes. The WMPC performed Haydn's Mass in D minor at its spring concert on 27 April 1975, accompanied by Arthur Bower. By the end of the season, the Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir's financial situation had begun to improve. The WMPC hired conductor peter Allen to lead the Chori through its final season of operation. The Choir held its annual Christmas concert in the Central United Church on 7 December 1975, and featured Vivaldi's Glora, accompanied by pianist Barry Anderson. The choir perfomed Deller's Psalm 148, Teleman's Cantata for the Fourth Sunday after the Feast of the Three Kings, and Dvorak's Stabat Mater at its spring concert held at the Central United Church on 25 April 1976. Despite its best efforts, the Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir's first rehearsal of its twelfth season saw just 26 members in attendance. As a result of lack of membership, the Choir Executive decided to disband the WMPC for its 1976/1977 season, with plans to reassess the situation in September of 1977 for the prospect of a 1977/1978 season. Matters were further complicated by financial considerations; by June 1977 the choir's financial situation had worsened as a result of the administrative fees that the WMPC covered for the duration of its unexpected inactive 1976/1977 season. Unlike past years, there were not any ticket sales to cover such expenses. Following its year off, membership interest in the Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir did not increase and the decision was made not to return for another season. In 1980, the WMPC revoked its registration as an organization and officially ceased to exist.
Custodial History
Records in the 8-2001 accession were donated to the McKee Archives in 2001, by three representatives of the Philharmonic Choir: Dr. Bill Paton, Botany Department, Brandon University; Mrs. Edith Hayden, WMPC President; and Mary Davidson WMPC Archives Committee. Records in accession 13-2016 were given to Terry Stamper in the School of Music by Marilyn Hayden and then transferred to the McKee Archives on September 21, 2015.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of records that document the origin, activities, and ultimate disbandment of the Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir. These records were created and accumulated during the eleven year existence of the WMPC. Records include: the organization's constitution and history from 1965-1968; financial records, which include grants received from the Manitoba Arts Council, Canada Council, and City of Brandon, as well as materials documenting the organization's financeial struggles from 1974-1976; minutes from executive and committee meetings from 18 June 1973 to 24 June 1974; correspondence in the form of letters between the president of the executive and the choir members, and between the conductor of the choir and its members; membership lists from each season of the WMPC; and concert programmes from every major Christmas and Spring concert that the organization performed. Fonds also contains mewspaper notices, advertisements and reviews of various performances, as well as posters advertising perfomrances of the WMPC in the 1967/68, 1970/71, 1971/72 and 1973/74 seasons; the posters advertise the choir, collaborators, patrons and featured works. Also included in the fonds is a scrapbook detailing the choir's history. Each page of the scrapbook is decorated with hand painted images of plants native to the southwestern Manitoba region. The scrapbook includes concert programs and photographs of the choir from all years of the organization's operation. The scrapbook also contains an assorment of informal photographs from various WMPC events. There are also six black and white group photos of the WMPC from various seasons. Finally, the fonds contains one artifact, a leather bag/zippered file folder with "WMPC" printed on it.
History/Bio information was provided by representatives of the Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir. Copies of the history can be found in the fonds. Description by Jessi Gilchrist (October 2016).
Name Access
Chris Verhoef
Margaret Goodman
St. Matthews Cathedral
Lucien Needham
Louise Chapman
Manitoba Centennial Corporation
Canada Council
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Brandon College
Kiwanis Club
Helen Reisberry
Mary Donovan
Tom Inglis
Humphrey Davies
Muriel Bain
H.V. Kidd
Eileen Christ
Brandon College Auditorium
CBC Radio
J.M. Donovan
Murray Ames
Dr. R. Parker
Henry Stein
Ernie Pearn
Gerry Streuber
Dorothy McLean
Mayme Tucker
Margaret George
Bob Blair
Bud Keenan
Marilyn Johnston
Sister Mary Rose
Lou Brown
Jeanine Baker
Muriel Patmore
Leonard Mayoh
Jim Cory
Eric Davies
Phil Ricou
Elaine Dechka
Lester Spinaze
Archie Miller
High Rest
Lorna hamilton
Ruth Cutforth
Ollie Timkiw
Thelma Findogasson
A. Bayne
Dick Vanderveen
Lee Donnelly
M. Rogosin
Ken Nichols
Manitoba Arts Council
Piero Gamba
Mary Graham
Reuben Gurevich
Leonard Stone
Brandon Area Foundation
Arthur Bower
Derek Murphy
Judy Pringle
Irma Peters
John Martens
Robert Publow
Brandon Citizens' Committee for the Performing Arts
Brandon Musical Supply
P.A. Kennedy
Bond Books
Brandon Public Library
Phylis Thomson
Hilda Miller
Arthur Janzen
Walter Deller
Nora Needham
Jean Dorian
Margaret hammond
Eileen Blain
Brian Bailey
Brandon College Gymnasium
Brandon University School of Music
G.R. Rowe
Sylvia Richardson
Peter Koslowsky
Nelson Lohnes
James Stewart
Francis Chaplin
Malcolm Tait
Gordon Macpherson
J.R.C. Evans Lecture Theatre
Lorne Watson
Donald Henry
Lawrence Jones
Alice Hekster
Walter Hekster
Hilda Dridger
Elizabeth Grant
Dorothy Froese
Robert Ford
James Mendenhall
Colin Cooper
Allison Ryles
Joy Crawford
Audrey Farnell
Maxine Miller
Smith Miller
Brandon Sun
Barbra Ehnes
Brandon School Division Music Department
Brandon School Orchestra and Band Association
Barbra Landry
Kiwanis Club of Rivers
Subject Access
philharmonic choirs
amateur choirs
amateur musicians
symphony orchestra
classical music performance ensemble
cultural organizations
community organizations
Storage Location
2001 accessions
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Valleyview Leisure Club fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
30 cm textual records
Physical Condition
Most of the photos are in peel and stick albums and the albums have a number of condition issues
History / Biographical
Valleyview Leisure Club (VLC) began in April 1978 as a senior's activity group in conjunction with Valleyview Community Centre. The impetus for the creation of the group was a meeting between John Svenson, Regional Director for Westman Seniors, and seniors in the Valleyview area who met to discuss the organization of a seniors club. At the time the club was established, space was limited at the Community Centre because some school classes were held there during the construction of Riverheights School. However, a New Horizons grant enabled the VLC to remodel and furnish the basement area of the Valleyview Community Centre for the Leisure Club. A Grand Opening of the space was held in May of 1980; there was a special luncheon and the offical ribbon was cut by Hon. Ed McGill. The Valleyview Leisure Club was run by a board and its associated committees and governed by a constitution. Members were charged an annual membership fee, as well as user fees for the various activities. In the early years, the CLub had monthly membership business meetings in conjunction with an evening meal and entertainment. The use of the basement area was varied and included: cards; shuffleboard and other games; craft activities; fundraisers; raffles; dances; and luncheons, dinners and potlucks. The space was also rented out for private functions, particularly special birthdays and anniversary's of community members. The Club made annual contibutions to the parent Community Centre, as well as helping the Community Centre functions (winter carnival etc.) In the course of time, the activities of the VLC became more focused on cribbage and bridge, with several regular groups scheduled at regular weekly time slots. At the time of the organization's disbanding, the following groups were active: Friday afternoon contract bridge - the "original" bridge group at the Centre; Tuesday afternoon cribbage; Thursday afternoon "Retired Educators" contract bridge - this group had played in vacant space at Neelin School up until around 1989. Its membership was eventually opened up to anyone who wanted to play in that time slot; Wheat City Duplicate Bridge Club - formed in the City as a sanctioned club and had a number of locations around town. When it moved to the Leisure Club, it came as a renter only, but chose in 2012 to join as VLC members; and Monday afternoon duplicate bridge - in an effort to increase the number of duplicate bridge plays, a "beginners" duplicate group was established with lessons, which proved to be a popular decision. The group thrived and most of the Thursday evening playser began to paly at this time also/or instead. The VLC hosted a Spring and a Fall Bridge Tournament each year, open to anyone, with invitations going to surrounding areas. As well as cash prizes, a cash donation was given to a local charity. In latter years these donations were $500 per tournament. An annual Christmas Dinner was another popular event. It was a catered event, at least in the later years, and was offered at a subsidized price to members. The club also made a donation to Christmas Cheer at this time. At some point in the organization's history the VLC came to be seen as a tenant of the Valleyview Community Centre, paying a rent of $3000 per year for its use of the basement space, as well as some maintenance expenses. When the Valleyview Community Centre voted to raise the rent to $12,000 per year within two years, the VLC sought other options. The VLC settled on Prairie Oasis Senior Centre for a nubmer of reasons. First, it offered to provide space for each of the club's existing card groups at the same time slots with no membership fees. Second, the move would also eliminate the increasingly difficult task of fielding a board of directors to run the club. Finally, the Prairie Oasis location offered the advantage of level access; the basement location of the VLC had excluded several of the club's former members with mobility issues. Effective September 1, 2014, the Valleyview Leisure Club was dissolved. The club disposed of equipment either by donating it to Prairie Oasis or to Valleyview Community Centre. Once all debts were cleared the Board voted to distribute the cash assets to the following local charities: Big Brothers and Sisters; Food For Thought; Humane Society; Prairie Oasis Senior Centre/Meals on Wheels; Salvation Army; Samaritan House; Seniors For Seniors Co-op Inc.; The Soup Kitchen; Westman Regional Hospital; Westman Hospice; and Y Kids.
Custodial History
Records were created and collected by Valleyview Leisure Club and donated to the S.J. McKee Archives by Barry Reilly following the disbandment of the club in 2015.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of records created and maintained by the Valleyview Leisure Club to document their activities and membership. The records detail club events, finances, insurance and meetings. Records include meeting minutes, agendas, posters, correspondence, budget plans, grants, constitutions, newspaper clippings, membership lists, phone directories, membership rosters, financial statements, secretarial records, photo albums and other miscelleanous records.
History/Bio information was provided by the Valleyview Leisure Club. Description by Amanda Gramchuk (October 2016) and Christy Henry.
Storage Location
2015 accessions
Records are arranged in chronological order
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Southwest B Region Manitoba Women's Institute fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Physical Description
18 cm textual records
4 b/w photographs
Physical Condition
Some of the pages and photographs in the scrapbooks have become loose
History / Biographical
Southwest B "Region" Women's Institute is a regional board within Manitoba Women's Institute. According to their website, Manitoba Women’s Institute (MWI) operates under an umbrella structure of a provincial board and regional boards as directed in the Constitution and Bylaws. The provincial board serves to co-ordinate the activities of the organization on a provincial scale and link with other provincial, national, and international organizations. Regional boards are responsible for activities within their regions and for assisting with communication between the provincial board and the membership. Local institutes serve members in local communities or local geographic areas. The Southwest B "Region" Women's Institute covers the area south of the Trans Canada Highway and from Killarney west to the Saskatchewan border. Historically it has encompassed locals from the follwing areas: Bardal, Boissevain, Broomhill, Dand, Deloraine, Dublin, Ebor, Elgin, Elva, Hartney, Kemnay, Lauder, Lyleton, Medora, Melita, Napinka, Pierson, Regent, Souris, Springvale, Tilston, Wakada and Whitewater.
Custodial History
Records were in the possession of the Southwest B Region Women's Institute until thier donation to the McKee Archives in 2014.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of records created by the Southwest B Region Women's Institute during the course of their activities and operations. Records include: eight minute books (1926-1997); a small scribbler listing Convention and some Board meeting attendance (2001-2013); and two Treasurer's/cash record books (1940-1944 and 1951-1992). The photographs are portraits of the Women's Institute Leadership Class (1961 and 1962), attendees on stage at the F.W.E.C Convention, Wolfville NS (July 1964) and the Manitoba delegation to Wolfville NS (July 1964).
History/Bio information was taken from the records and from the Manitoba Women's Instutite webpage ( Accessed January 2017). Description by Christy Henry.
Finding Aid
A detailed list of meeting dates for the minute books was provided by the donor. It is located in the donation file.
Storage Location
2016 accessions photographs in RG 5 photograph drawer by accession number
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Western Manitoba Home Econocmic Association fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
textual records
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
textual records
Date Range
History / Biographical
The inaugural meeting of the Western Manitoba Home Economics Association (WMHEA) was held in September 1971, with 48 members. In 1973, the WMHEA members voted to affiliate with the Canadian Home Economics Association (CHEA).
Custodial History
Records were in the possession of Margarite Hughes and other officers of the Western Manitoba Home Economic Association prior to their donation to the SJ McKee Archives on July 17, 2010.
Scope and Content
Fonds includes: minutes (September 1971 - May 2010); lists of executive members; membership lists; financial records; newsletters; scrapbooks; correspondence; records of special events; miscellaneous publications; and organizational banners.
Description by Tom Mitchell
Storage Location
2010 accessions
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Jack Stothard collection
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
ca. 1900s, 2001-2003, 2007, 2008, 2016
Accession Number
1-2003, 12-2006, 8-2007, 8-2008, 18-2008, 11-2009, 4-2012, 4-2013, 8-2016
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
1-2003, 12-2006, 8-2007, 8-2008, 18-2008, 11-2009, 4-2012, 4-2013, 8-2016
multiple media
Date Range
ca. 1900s, 2001-2003, 2007, 2008, 2016
Physical Description
30 cm textual records
9 b/w photograph
Physical Condition
History / Biographical
Jack Stothard was born on February 16, 1932 in Brandon, MB. He attended public schools in the city (Central School, Park School, and Earl Oxford) and graduated from Brandon Collegiate Institute (BCI). Stothard married Velma Pollock in 1957 and together they had two daughters: Debra and Kimberly. Stothard was employed in the plumbing and heating business until 1960, when he joined Manitoba Hydro. In the course of his employment with Manitoba Hydro, he became Station Superintendent of the Brandon Generating Station. Stothard retired in 1995. Stothard was a member of the Canadian Numismatic Association, the Canadian Association of Token Collectors and the Toronto Postcard Club. Jack Stothard died on November 3, 2021 in Brandon, MB.
Custodial History
Accession 1-2003 was in the possession of Stothard until donated to the McKee Archives in 2003. Accession 12-2006 was acquired by Lawrence Stuckey at some point after the photograph was taken. Stuckey later sold a copy of the photograph. This copy was later acquired by Jack Stothard in the course of his collecting of Brandon postcards. Stothard donated the image to the McKee Archives in 2004. Accession 8-2007 was prepared by Jack Stothard in the course of 2007. He provided a copy to the Archives upon its completion. Accession 8-2008 was in the possession of Fred McGuinness until he gave jit to Jack Stothard in February 2008. Stothard donated the records to the McKee Archives on February 12, 2008. Accession 18-2008 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on August 18, 2008. Accession 11-2009 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on February 20, 2009. Accession 4-2012 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on August 24, 2011. Accession 4-2013 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard in March 2013. Accession 8-2016 was donated to the McKee Archives by Stothard on January 21, 2015.
Scope and Content
Accession 1-2003 contains brief research reports prepared by Stothard on various topics concerning historical Brandon. These include: a listing of hotels, inns and motels that have operated in Brandon since the 1880s; reports dealing with the Café Aagard, Central United Church, the 1913 Dominion Exhibition, Brandon, the Empire Hotel, Brandon’s Central Steam Heating System, the Post Office and the Clement Block. It also contains one booklet: Facts About Brandon: An Industrial Survey of the City of Brandon. Winnipeg: Department of Industry and Commerce [n.d.] Accession 12-2006 consists of one photograph of the Great Northern Engine 208, built by Rogers Locomotive Company 1887. Cylinders 18 x 24, Drivers 63". G.N. line Church's Ferry, N.D. to Brandon, Manitoba. Opened 1906, Closed 1936. Accession 8-2007 consists of a brief typed report entitled "The Day the Lights Went Out in Brandon - Strike of 1919" by Jack Stothard. Document provides an account of the sources and delivery of hydro electric power to Brandon beginning in the early 1900s and the brief power outage at the beginning of the Brandon General Strike May 25, 1919. Accession 8-2008 consists of "The Brandon Sun Challenge Cup" ledger, which contains two b/w photographs, newspaper clippings and information on the history and first race (1908) of the cup; 3 additional b/w photographs of different races; and the Brandon Old Timers Association record book (c. 1900). Accession 18-2008 consists of a copy of Stothard's Brandon Postcards index. The index is divided into various sub-headings and consists of colored reproductions of postcards in Stothard's collection. The index contains pages that were discarded by Stothard as he updated his inventory, therefore the index is only up to date as of August 18, 2008. Accession 11-2009 consists of a typed research report entitled "Brandon Police Department Stations and Locations" by Jack Stothard. The report outlines the location of the Brandon Police Department from 1882 - 2008, and also includes a section on "What the Future Holds." Accession 4-2012 consists of pages for Stothard's Brandon Postcards index (18-2008) and a photocopy of a Brandon Municipal Railway ticket. Accession 4-2013 consits of eight binders of handwritten notes/facts about Brandon compiled by Jack Stothard. The notes are a collection of names, places, things, events and items related mostly to the first 100 years of Brandon (1882-1982), although the notes continue into the 2000's. Some notes centre on the late 1930's to early 1950's during the period of Stothard's youth. The information in the binders was taken from a variety of publications, while some notes are Stothard's own comments. A list of sources, as well as a cross reference index for all eight binders, can be found in Book No. 1. The accession includes: Book No. 1 - Notes of Brandon (A to B); Book No. 2 - Notes of Brandon (C to F); Book No. 3 - Notes of Brandon (G to O); Book No. 4 - Notes of Brandon (P to Z); Book No. 5 - Notes of Brandon: Churches, Hostpitals, Hotels; Book No. 6 - Notes of Brandon: Police Department, Fire Department; Book No. 7 - Notes of Brandon: Brandon City Council, City of Brandon etc.; Book No. 8 - Notes of Brandon: Brandon College/University, Brandon Schools, ACC, Brandon School Board. Accession also includes pages from Stothard's Brandon Postcards index (18-2008). Accession 6-2016 consists of local history books, pamphlets, bakery tokens, local magazines, one binder containing handwritten notes/facts about Brandon compiled from the Brandon Sun's "Looking Back" column, and an accordian file box containing newspaper clippings about Brandon. The accession includes the following local history books: Betty Watson's "One Day in Brandon Manitoba 9/9/99" (Brandon, Manitoba: Bart Art Books, 1999); P.N. Breton's "Popular Illustrated Guide to Canadian Coins, Medals, &. &.," (Winnipeg: Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute, 1963 [reprint]); "Facts About Brandon: An Industrial Survey of the City of Brandon," (Province of Manitoba: Department of Industry and Commerce, [1946]); The Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol's "75th Anniversary: From the Past to the Future!" ([Brandon, Manitoba: Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol, 1988]); and Brandon Kinsmen Club's "'Together...Once Again': A History of the Kinsmen Club of Brandon, Manitoba, 1925-1975 (Brandon, Manitoba: The Historical Committee of the Kinsmen Club of Brandon, 1975). Pamplets and magazines include: Brandon Generating Station (1957) and (1969), The Brandon Quota Club presents...A Century in Revue (1982), Canadian Rail No. 168/July-August 1965 [featuring Brandon Municipal Railway], Prairie City Issue No. 3/1994, and Prairion May/June 1997. The binder is titled Book No. 9 - "Year by year: miscellaneous items from 1969 to 2000"; an asterik (*) indicates notes have been made on each subject or item in the other Books. Each section is housed in The files in the accordian file box have been rehoused and include the following topics: banks, Brandon 125 beer, Behlen Industries, breweries, Brandon Shoppers' Mall, calendars, Canadian Motors Ltd., Canexus/Nexen, Canada Games - Summer and Winter, Canadian Tire, CKX Radio & TV/CKLQ, Corral Centre, flour mills, hospitals, Keystone, Maple Leaf, Fred McGuinness, miscellaneous, A.E. McKenzie, people, railways, Simplot, Westman Recycling (new facility), weather-storms-floods, and extra copies of postcards.
Description by Christy Henry. Accession 4-2013: Book No. 1 contains a photocopied photograph of Aagaard's Cafe, photographs of the Dominion Bank and Barney's Drive Inn and a photo reproduction of the Bass Building. Book No. 2 contains a photograph of the Provincial Goal. Book No. 3 contains photographs of T. Eaton Company (4 construction photos) and a photo reproduction of tents on the Exhibition grounds (c. 1940). Book No. 4 contains photoraphs of the Oak Theatre and Western Motors. There are also photopied photographs of The Fun Shop.
Name Access
Jack Stothard
Cafe Aagard
Great Northern Railway
Aagaard's Cafe
Lunch Counter
A-4 Military Camp
Alcoholism Foundation of Manitoba
Amberwood Village
Anglo Canadian Oils Ltd.
Applebee's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar
The Brandon Armoury
Army & Navy Store
Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba
Assiniboine River
Atom-Jet Industries Ltd.
Aub's B.A. Service Station
Frederickson's B.A. Service Station
A&W Restaurant
A&W Drive-In
Ayerst Organics Ltd.
Bank of British North America
Bank of Hamilton
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Canadian Imperical Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Dominion Bank
Imperial Bank of Canada
Merchants' Bank of Canada
The Northern Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank)
Union Bank of Canada
Barney's Drive Inn
Barney's Shoe Shine
Bass Building
Bass families
Beacon Lunch
Behlen Industries/Behlen-Wickes Co. Ltd.
Belair Chinese Restaurant
Belvedere Apartments
Beresford Lumber Co.
Bertrands Block
Bertrand & Company
Beverage Services Limited
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Dr. Wilfred Bigelow
Bing Juckes Drive Inn
Binkley Motors
Donald "Tiny" Bird
Blackwood's Ltd.
Blackwood Beverages Ltd.
Borbridge Block
Boreham Park Apartments
Bower's Esso Service
The Brandon Bowl
Recreation Bowling Alleys and Billiard Room
Thunderbird Bowl
Marsh Varcoe
Woodbine Alleys Ltd.
Box Brothers Ltd.
Braecrest Estates
Brandon Airport
Brandon Aero Club
Brandon Flying Club
Brandon Allied Arts Centre
Brandon Automobiles (1959) Limited
Brandon Binder Twine Company
Brandon Brewing Co.
Brandon Business College
Brandon Chamber of Commerce
Brandon Clinic
First Street Plaza
The Brandon Club
Brandon Consumer Co-operative Ltd. (Co-op)
Brandon Construction Company Ltd.
Brandon Correctional Institute
Brandon Jail
Brandon Creamery & Supply Co. Ltd.
Brandon Creamery & Supply Co.
Brandon Curling Club
Brandon Eagles Gymnatics Centre
Brandon Electric Light Company
Manitoba Power Company
Brandon Felt Works
Brandon Fire Engine Co.
The Brandon Fruit & Procude Co. Ltd.
Brandon Gallery Shopping Centre
Town Centre
Brandon Golf & Country Club
Brandon Hardware Co. Ltd.
Ashdown's hardware
Stylrite Hardware
Brandon Heating and Plumbing
Brandon Houseing Co-operative Ltd.
Aspen Woods
Brandon Humane Society
Brandon Machine Works
Brandon Municipal Street Railway
Brandon Museum Inc.
Daly House Museum
Brandon Musical Supply Company
Brandon Packers Ltd.
Brandon Scrap Iron & Metal Recycling Ltd.
Brandon Ski Club
Mt. Glenorky Ski Club
Brandon Stock Car Club
Brandon Sun
The Sun Printing Co.
Brandon Tennis Club
Brandon Tourist Camp
Brandon Transit Ltd.
Brandon Transit System
Handi Transit
Brandon Woolen Mills
Metev Woolen Mills
Bliss Building
Brazzell Motors
Brentwood Village Moble Home Court
Breslauer & Warren Jewelers
First Street Bridge
1st Street Bridge
Eighteenth Street Bridge
18th Street Bridge
Daly Overpass
Thompson Bridge
Eighteenth Street Overpass
18th Street Overpass
8th Street Bridge
9th Street Bridge
Eighth Street Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge
British Commonwealth Air Training plan
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
Roy Brown
La Plant Block
Fraser Block
Syndicate Block
Laplont Block
Johnson & Company Hardware
Zink Block
Yukon Block
Burchill & Howey
Burns Foods Ltd.
Burns Meats Ltd.
Bus Depot
Greyhound Bus Lines
Grey Goose Bus Lines
MacArthur & Son Ltd.
CDC Home & Leisure Centre
Campbell & Campbell Building
Campbell & Ferguson Building
Canada Safeway Ltd.
Canada Summer Games
Canada Winter Games
Canadian Brown Steel Tank
Canadian Steel Tank Ltd.
Canadian Mental Health Association
Canadian Motors Ltd.
Canadian National Railway (CNR)
Canadian Order of Foresters
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Canadian Phoenix Insurance Co.
Canadian Stover Gasoline Engine Co.
Canadian Tire Store
Cancade Co. Ltd.
Cancade Bros.
Cancade Bros. Ltd.
Cancade Company
Cando Contracting Ltd.
Cargill Grain Company
Central Community Centre
Central Park Lodge
Valleyview Care Centre
Central Sheet Metal Works
Child & Family Services of Western Manitoba
The Children's Aid Society
Chrest's Dry Cleaners
Chrest family
Christie's Bookstore
Christie's School Supply
Christie Grant Store
Sir Winston Churchill Park
Circle Eight Drive Inn
City Cafe
City Golf Course
Clark Leatherdale Funeral Home
Clement Block
Cockshutt Plow Co.
Codville & Co.
Commodore Bakery Ltd.
Trent's Bakery
Coldwell Block
Coronation Park
Jubilee Park
Corral Centre
The Country Kitchen Restaurant
Aunt Sarah's Family Restaurant
Country Style Donuts
Court House
Crane Limited
Crane Steel Structures Ltd.
Crang's Grocery & Confectionery
Dairyworld Foods
Creelman's Shoe Store
Cumming & Dobbie
Curran Park
Curtis Block
Yaeger Block
Daymin Court
Bell Block
De Bruyn & Verhoef Woodworks Ltd.
De Fehr Furniture
Denis Prefab Ltd.
Diamond Waterworks
Dinsdale Cartage & Storage (1968) Ltd.
Dinsdale Park
Doig & Robertson
Rankin & Co.
Doig, Rankin & Robertson
Doig's Store Ltd.
Double Bar S Burger & Dairy Ranch
The Drewry's Ltd.
Alexander Brown
Brown's Drug Store
Dufresne Furniture & Appliances
Dutch Mill Bakery
East End Community Centre
Eastern Access Route (Highway 110)
Eaton's of Canada
T. Eaton Company
Edrans Brandon Pressed Brick Co.
Eleanor Kidd Park
Eleanor Kidd Gardens
W.A. Elliott
T.E. Elviss Company
Empire Brewing Co. Ltd.
Bell Bottling Co.
Esquire Dance Hall
Connaught Hall
Evans, Matheson & Associates
Experimental Farm
Brandon Research Station
Fairview Personal Care Home
Feed Rite Mills Ltd.
Federal Pioneer Ltd. (FPE)
Federated Co-operatives Ltd.
Fedoruk Groceteria
Flash Barber Shop and Beauty Salon
Alexander Fleming
Fleming's Drug Store
Fleming Block
Fleming's Well
Fort Brandon Museum
A.C. Fraser & Co.
Fraser & Ross
Fred's Dry Cleaners
Frost & Wood
Brockie Funeral Home
Campbell & Campbell
Vincent & Macpherson
Galaxy Computer Systems
George's Food Bar
George Jimas
Gidding's Store
Gillis & Warren Ltd.
Golden Gate Cafe
Gooden's Men's Wear
Grand Stand
Grand Valley Place
The Great West Coal Copmany Ltd.
Great Western Outerwear & Sportswear Ltd.
Green Acres Community Centre
Green Acres Lodge
Green Acres subdivision
Habitat for Humanity
B.J. Hales Natural History Museum
Hamilton and Jones Ltd.
Hanbury Manufacturing Co.
Hanbury House
T.M. Harrington
Harry's Ukrainian Kitchen & Steak House
Hedges Trucking
Heise Block
Heritage Co-op 1997 Ltd.
Highland Park Mobile Home Estate Ltd.
Hillcrest Place Personal Care Home
Hillside Town Houses
Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation
Highways Deparment
Hobbs Manor
Home Development Co. Ltd.
Home Estates Ltd.
Home Hardware
Hopkins Bakery
Horner's Busy Corners
Hornor's Busy Corners
Paterson House
Matheson House
Villa Louise
Row House
Hudson House
Casa Maley
Hughes & Long
Hughes & Co.
Husky Oil & Refining Ltd.
Husky Travelcentre
Husky House
North Hill IGA
West End IGA
Immigration Hall
Imperial Square
Indian and Metis Friendship Centre
International Harvester Co. of Canada Ltd.
Inventronics Ltd.
Jacobson and Greiner Ltd.
The Jo-Ann Accessory Shop
John Deere Plow Company
Johnson's Cafe
Johnson's Hardware Store
Kam Lung Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge
Martin Kavanagh
Keg Steakhouse & Bar
Kelly Block
Kelly & Co.
P.A. Kennedy Co. Ltd.
Keystone Centre
Kinsmen Club
Kinsmen Kiddies Korner
Kinsmen Centennial Swimming Pool
Kinsmen Outdoor Skating Rink
Kinsmen Memorial Stadium
Kinsmen Little League Stadium
Kin Village
Kinsmen Zoo
Kip's Service Station
Brigadier General James Kirkcaldy
Kirkcaldy Heights (North Hill) sub-division
Kiwanis Club
Kiwanis Swimming Pool/Paddling Pool
Knowlton's Boot Shop
S.S. Kresge Co. Ltd.
Kullberg's Furniture Store
Lake Brandon
Land Titles Office
Lark Hill sub-division
Larry's Studio
Lawson Lodge
Prairie Oasis
Frank Lawson & Sons
Leech Printing
Lee's Implements Ltd.
Brandon Public Library
Centennial Library - Arts Centre
Western Manitoba Regional Library
Lindenberg Brothers Limited
Linden Lanes
Lions Club
Lion's Manor
Westman Lion's Manor Inc.
Linden Lanes Shopping Centre
Red & White Store
Lyceyn Tea Room
MacArthur Transportation Co.
Soo-Security Motorways Ltd.
M.F. MacDonald
Macey Foods Ltd.
G.C. (Curly) MacKay
MacLeods Store
Magnacca Enterprises
Manitoba Centennial 1970
Manitoba Cooperative Dairies Ltd.
Manitoba Dairy and Poultry Cooperative Ltd.
The Manitoba Hardware & Lumber Co. Ltd.
Manitoba Emergency Services College
Manitoba Engines Ltd.
Manitoba Felt & Yarn Works - Brandon
Manitoba Government Building
Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation
Manitoba Housing Authority
Manitoba Motor Transit Ltd.
Manitoba Pool Elevators
Manitoba Public Insurance Coproration
The Manitoba Windmill & Pump Co. Ltd.
Brandon Gas & Power Co. Ltd.
Maple Leaf Flour Mills
Maple Leaf Pork
Maple Leaf Meats
Maple Leaf Foods
The Maples
Mark's Work Wearhouse
D. Marshall
Massey-Harris Co. Ltd.
Massey-Feguson Building
Massin Furs
Frank Massin & Son Hide & Furs
Masonic Temple
Dr. J. Murray Matheson
McCallum Jewellers
McCallum Nursing Home
McCall Frontenac
McDiarmid & Clark
McDonald & Foreman
John A. McDonald & Son
McDowell & Doke Tinsmiths'
McGregor's Livery Sale & Boarding Stable
J.D. McGregor
Malcolm McAdam McGregor
Fred McGuinness
A.E. McKenzie Seed Co. Ltd.
A.E. McKenzie House
Meadowlark Campground
Memories Chapel and Pre-planning Centre
Metropolitan Cafe
Metropolitan Store
Meyers Norris Penny
Miladi's - The House of Ladies' Quality Apparel
Mitrou Cafe & Candy Company
Modern Dairies
Monterey Estates
Sunridge Homes Ltd.
Morgon Motors
Blue Hills restaurant
Perkin's Restaurant
William Muir General Grocer
Murray Chev Olds-Cadillac Ltd.
Mutter Brothers
Nation & Shewan
National Store
Neale, Stothard & Chapman
The Newmount Medical Clinic
Nexen Chemicals Inc.
Canexus Ltd.
New System Store
North End Community Centre
Northside Mazda
Oddfellows Corner
Ogilvie Co.
Old Men's Home
Charlton Lodge
Olympia Cafe
Orange Hall
Grand Orange Lodge
Orchard Hardware Co.
Oshkosh Filter and Softener Co.
Pacific 66 Service Station
Palladium Dance Hall
Park Community Centre
Parker's Restaurant
Charlie Coyote's
Park View Apartments
George A. Paterson
Paul's Hauling Ltd.
A.E. McKenzie
Jack Hawson
Christopher David Mitrou
A. Reginald McDiarmid
Tony Macialek
Alex Mowat
David Weiss
Joseph Whitehead
Steward Shultz
Harry Cater
Charles Pilling
Robert Coombs
William Henderson
Arthur Johnson
George W. Noble
T.J. Beaubier
Harry Brown
Frank Massin
H.L. Patmore
Jack MacArthur
Flora Cowan
P.A. Kennedy
George Fitton
William Ferguson
Jack Coleman
A.E. Smith
J.C.P. Mitchell
Joseph Boyarski
W.T. "Bud" Higgins
Colonel Charles Whillier
Benjamin Hales
Fred Young
Wilfred Bigelow
Gabriel Charles (Barney) Mollot
E.J. Tyler
Pierre Cancade
George Sykes
G.R. Rowe
George Bass
Ritchie (Bob) Macpherson
Leslie Alexander McKay
Herbert Samuel Sharpe
Tom Ryles
Harold George Dinsdale
Paul Leon Regis Cancade
Eleanor Kidd
Cecil Webb
Edmond Fotheringham
Roy B. Hunter
Jack Donnelly
Ian M. Brown
Charles Goucher
Lenton James Rust
Harold B. Smith
Milton Tinline
Keith Hurst
Ernest Jerrett
Pearl Treleaven
Hugh Rice
Cec Leech
William Gooden
William Samuel Gooden
Sam Wong
George Mason Henderson Bain
William Webster Fotheringham
Alex McPhail
Richard Patmore
Sandy Patterson
J.R.C. Evans
John Shurb
Joseph Frederick
Ronald Relf
William Speakman
David Norris
Myheer Crystal
Mrs. Joseph Whitehead
Gus Hendzel
Stuart Craig
Krug Crawford
Walter Hutchings
Lorne Duncan McDonald
Max Szturm
Henry Perdue
Samuel Harris
Charles Lightbody
Boom Cristal
Russell Fedoruk
James Creighton
Jack Kullberg
D.R. MacKay
W. Norman Hargreaves-Mawdsley
Reg Poole
Stephen William Bass
A.B. Downing
Ernestine Whiteside
Albert St. Clair Rumball
Alfred Veale
Clive Porteous
G.T. McNeil
J. Stuart Thompson
William Bertrand
Stephen Magnacca
Charles Unicume
Franklin Williamson
P.J. Harwood
Donn Mitchell
David Brownridge
George Mutter
J.E. Matthews
Mary Waddell
Alfred James Eamer
Herbert Stuart
Curly MacKay
Betty Gibson
Louisa Eagle
Ewart Murray
Marion Doig
Arthur Gordon Buckingham
Ernest Christie Whitehead
Daniel Cristall
Gordon Sefton
Robert Brockway
H.O. McDiarmid
Glen Fowler
Arthur Augustus Harris
James Munro
Thomas Stark
Howard B. Smith
Reginald Edward Unicume
Elwood Gorrie
James "Skip" McFarlane Mitchell
Turk Broda
Henry Neudorf
John Boyd Craig
Walter Dinsdale
A.B. Knowlton
John R. Brodie
Walter Shillinglaw
Zena Hurst
H. Vincent Kidd
People's Market Place
Perkins Family Restaurant
Pizza Hut
Pizza Place
Planet KIA
Ponderosa Steak House
Pool Packers
The Porteous Manufacturing Company
Princess Auto Ltd.
Princess Park Apartments
Princess Towers Apartments
Provincial Building
Federal Building
Pue's Interior Furnishings Ltd.
Quality Groceteria
Queen's Court
Queen Elizabeth Park
Ravenscourt Apartments
R.C.A.F. No. 2 Manning Depot
R.C.A.F. No. 12 Service Flying Training School
Brandon Rec Centre
Red Cross Drug Store
Rehab Industries of Western Manitoba
Reliance Machine and Motor Company
Rendering Plant
Ressor's Jewellery Store
Richmond Gardens Apartments Ltd.
Richmond Shoe Store
Ricki's Ladies' Ready to Wear Store
The Ricksha Restaurant
Rideau Park
Rideau Park Personal Care Home
Ritz Cafe
Riverbank Discovery Centre
Riverheights Terrace
Riverview Curling Club
Robins Donuts
Rosenman's Furniture
Royal Canadian Legion Brandon Branch No. 3
Royal Canadian Legion Wheat City Branch No. 247
Safety Service Station
Don Gamble
Sander's Drug Store
Wellman's Drug Store
Scotia Towers
Scott Fruit Company
Security Building
Seniors for Seniors
Tony's Shamrock Lunch
Vic Sharpe
Shaver's Furs Ltd.
Simpson Sears/Sears Canada
Shoppers Mall Brandon
Brandon and Distric Shriner's Club
Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.
Simplot Canada Ltd.
Koch Fertilizer Canada
Thomas Sinclair
Sixteenth Street Beach
John E. Smith Block
Smith & Burton
Smith Carter Searle Associates
Smith's Lumber Ltd.
Smith's Tobacco Shop
Smitty's Restaurant
Snye Bridge/Snye River
Sokol Hall
Sokol Manor
Somerville & Co.
Soo's Chop Suey House
South End Community Centre
Spin Well Woolen Mills Co. Ltd.
Harold Spratling
The Spruce Woods Housing Cooperative Ltd.
Stanley Park
West End Park
Stan's IGA/Stan's Fine Foods
Staples Business Depot
O. Stark & Son
Steel Store
Strand Theatre
Strathcona Apartments
Isaiah Strome
Stuarts News & Cigar Store
Lawrence Stuckey
Suburban Restaurant
Sun Cafe
The Sun Printing Company
Super Thrifty Drugs
Sykes Slide
Ted Hill's Meat Market
Texaco-Lone Star Service Station
Allen Theatre
Bijou Theatre
Capital Theatre
Landmark Cinema
Empire Theatre
Green Acres Drive-In Theatre
Lucky Star Drive-In Theatre
Oak Theatre
Orpheum Theatre
Palace Theatre
Princess Theatre
Sherman Theatre
Starland Theatre
Town Cinema
Willis Theatre
The Avenue Groceteria
The Fun Shop
Thomas Mall
Thompson Grocery
Train Drive-In & Dairy Bar
Trans-Canada Highway
Travellers Day Parade
Trotter & Trotter
Tuberculosis Act
United Commercial Travellers of America
United Grill
United Cafe
United Pacific Company Ltd.
United Services Recreation Centre
Upton Apartments
Valleyview Subdivision
Velvet Dip
Venice House Restaurant
Victoria Curling Club
Victoria Rink
Victory Cafe
The Vogue
Waddell's Children's Store
Wade & Sons Ltd.
Wally Byam Caravan Club International
Watt's Men's Wear
Welder Supplies Ltd.
Wendy's Restaurant
West End Community Centre
Westbran Stadium
Neil Andrews Field
Western cooperative Fertilizers Ltd.
Western Concrete Products Ltd.
Western Grocers Ltd.
Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium
Western Medical Clinic
Western Motors Ltd.
Westman Communications Group
Westman Media Cooperative
Westman Kiwanis Courts
Westoba Credit Union
Wheat City Arena
Winter Fair Building
Wheat City Business College
Wheat City Curling Club
Wheat City Motors
Whyte's Pantry Grocery
White Rose Service Station
Willingdon Apartments
Willson Stationery Company
Wilton Motors Ltd.
Winnipeg House
F.W. Woolworth Store
Wright & Wightman
Yaeger's Furs
Zenith Paving Ltd.
Zink's Grocery
First Baptist Church
Bethel Temple
Pentecostal Tabernacle
Bethel Christian Assembly
McDiarmid Drive Alliance Church
Calvary Temple
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
St. Paul's United Church
Central United Church
First Church of Christ Scientist
Church of the Nazarene
First Christian Reformed Church
First Church United
First Methodist Church
Methodist Church
First Presbyterian Church
Full Gospel Church
Four Square Gospel Church
Grace Lutheran Church
Grace Mennonite Church
Grand Valley Community Church
Jewish Synagogue
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses
Knox United Church
Knox Presbyterian Church
First Lutheran Church
Lutheran Redeemer Church
Madison Crescent Baptist Church
Mennonite Mission Church
Mevlana Canadian Heritage Islam Society
Richmond Park Mennonite Brethren Church
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
St. Augustine's Church
St. George's Anglican Church
St. Hedwig's Catholic Church
St. Joseph's Polish National Catholic Church
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church
St. Matthew's Cathedral
The Salvation Army
Brandon Citadel Corps
Eventide Home
Bullock-Booth Home
Dinsdale Personal Care Home
St. Mary's Anglican Church
Southminster Presbyterian Church
Trinity United Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Holy Ghost
Victoria Avenue Methodist Church
Brandon General Hospital
Assiniboine Hospital
Brandon Regional Health Centre
Brandon Regional Health Authority
A4 Military Training Camp
Fort Brandon Barracks
Brandon Mental Health Centre (BMHC)
Child & Adolescent Treatment Centre
Albion Hotel
American House
Arlington Hotel
Barney's Motel
Beaubier House
Beaubier Hotel
Mr. Bee's Inn
Best Western Brandon Inn
Brandon Hotel
Brandon House
Brunswick House
Canad Inns
Canadian Inn
Knights Inn
Casa Blanca Motel
Cecil Hotel
Chalet Inn Motel
Central Hotel
Chester House
City Hotel
Coachman Inn Motel
City Centre Hotel
Colonial Inn
Comfort Inn Motel
Journey's End Motel
Crystal Hotel
Crystal's Grand View Hotel
Days Inn
Douglas House
Empire Hotel
Edie House
Grand Central Hotel
Grand Union Hotel
Harris House
Highland Park Motor Lodge
Hillcrest Motel
Imperial Hotel
Kelly House
King Edward Hotel
Keystone Motor Inn
Lakeview Inn & Suites
Lamp Lighter Motor Lodge
Lambton House
Langham Hotel
Little Chalet Inn Motel
Merchant's Hotel
Midway Motel
Motel Rambler
Motel 6
New Pacific Hotel
Nite Rest Cabins
North Hill Motel
Ottawa Hotel
Ontario House
One & Ten Motel
Pacific Hotel
Palace Hotel
Prince Edward Hotel
Queens Hotel
Ramada Inn
Red Oak Inn
Redwood Inn
Redwood Motor Inn
Redwood Travelodge
Reno Hotel
Rodeway Inn Motel
Roseland Hotel
Royal Arms Hotel
Royal George Hotel
Royal Hotel
Royal Oak Inn
The Scotsman Motel
Shore House
Star & Garter Hotel
Sunset Motel
Starlight Motel
Super 6 Motel
Super 8 Motel
Trails West Motor Inn
Transit House
Twin Pines Motel
Victorial Hotel
Victoria Inn
Western Motel
Wheat City Hotel
Windsor Hotel
G.W. Alexander
E.G. Wiswell
John Richards
Thomas Hudson
John Melhuish
Alexander Mowat
George Bain
Jack Carey
Edward Polnick
Gary Winters
Rick Gregoire
Brent Dane
Archibald McMillan
Peter Duncan
Jack Foster
Watson Boyd
E.G. Berry
Joseph Robert Hardy
Charlie Goucher
Harry Bernard Everett
John Little
Harry Collister
Roger Hines
David McNamee
Ken Elliott
Keith Buizer
Brian Scott
Dick Scott
Richard Bruce
Harley Bryson
Keith Atkinson
Ian Grant
City Hall
Brandon City Council
City of Brandon
Brandon Cemetery
Brandon School Board
Brandon School Division
Alexandra School
Assiniboine Community College
Assiniboine School
Betty Gibson School
Brandon Collegiate Institute (BCI)
Central School
Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School
David Livingstone School
Earl Haig School
Earl Oxford School
East Ward School
Fleming School
George Fitton School
Green Acres School
Harrison High School
Harrison Middle School
Christian Heritage School
Indian Industrial School
Indian Residential School
King George School
Kirkcaldy Heights School
Linden Lanes School
Lions School
McLaren School
Meadows Elementary School
Neelin High School
New Era School
Brandon Normal School
Brandon Agricultural & Homemaking School
Agricultural Extension Centre
North Ward School
Park School
J.R. Reid School
Riverheights School
Riverview Elementary School
Sacred Heart School
St. Augustine's School
St. Joseph's Academy
St. Michael's Convent
St. Michael's Academy
Technical School
Valleyview Centennial School
Vincent Massey High School
Waverly School
West Ward School
Brandon College
Brandon University
Brandon Generating Station
Brandon Quota Club
Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol
Subject Access
Dominion Exhibition Brandon (1913)
bowling alleys
bus transportation
Canada's centennial
drug stores
Grain elevators
Flour mills
funeral homes
funeral chapels
garbage dumps
ice houses
ice wagons
IGA stores
grocery stores
infantile paralysis
manufactured gas
street names
natural gas
public utilities
Brandon General Strike
police department
parking meters
post offices
alcohol regulations
roller rinks
skate board parks
telephone services
military hospitals
fire chiefs
fire department
police chiefs
judicial system
city boundaries
city engineers
city managers
Brandon's 75th Anniversary
Brandon's centennial
Storage Location
2003 accessions 4-2013 with 2013 accessions
Storage Range
2003 accessions, 2013 accessions; loose photographs from the 8-2008 accession are located in the RG 5 photograph storage drawer.
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Greenway fair fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
textual records
Date Range
1923, 1945-1990
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
textual records
Date Range
1923, 1945-1990
Physical Description
12.5 cm
History / Biographical
Greenway was located seven miles east of Baldur in southwestern Manitoba. The hamlet started out as a branch point in a railway spur and took its name from Thomas Greenway, one of the early premiers of Manitoba. The Greenway Fair was held annually in Greenway until 1973, when it was moved to Baldur where better facilities were available.
Custodial History
The records were donated to the Archives by Glen Olmstead prior to 1997 (approximately 1990). The fonds was originally in the possession of Doris Stone.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of newsclippings, a membership to the Greenway Agricultural Society, a paper napkin from the 60th Anniversary (1914-1974) of the Greenway United Church, "The History of Greenway 1889-1975", the program for the Manitoba Centennial Service 1970 held at Glenora Anglican Church, Greenway Agricultural Society prize lists from 1923, 1945-1951, 1953-1954, 1957-1990, two publications on the standards for judging foods, clothing and handicrafts at fairs and exhibitions and a copy of the program for the Greenway cairn dedication.
Description by Christy Henry.
Storage Location
2006 accessions
Storage Range
2006 accessions
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Brandon Hills Busy Bees fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
31 cm textual records 2 photographs
Physical Condition
Very good
History / Biographical
The Brandon Hills Busy Bees was formed in 1916 by eighteen women. The aim of the group was to assist with the war effort during World War One. At the end of the war it was decided to carry on the club and do community and welfare work. The Busy Bees met twice a month and, during World War Two, one meeting a month was devoted to Red Cross work. In 1969, the younger members of the Brandon Hills Busy Bees decided to form their own organization called the Brandon Hills Community Fireflies. The remaining members of the Busy Bees continued in their work until they disbanded as a society on September 14, 1988. At their last meeting it was decided to donate their records to the McKee Archives (minutes September 14, 1988).
Custodial History
In the minutes for the September 14, 1988 meeting of the Brandon Hills Busy Bees, Mrs. Mollie Baker made a motion to donate the record books of the organization to the Archive at Brandon University, and for Mrs. Nell Baker and Mrs. Lillian Coate to take them there. The motion was seconced by Mrs. Jean Kreller. Prior to their donation to the McKee Archives in 1988 the records were in the possession of members of the Brandon Hills Busy Bees.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of minute books with membership lists, accounts, newsclippings, correspondence, and reports, recipies (Treasurer's BK 1917-1919), treasurer's books, donation records, 2 photographs (1916 and ca. 1970s), a history of the Busy Bees 1916-1976 and calendars for the Womens' Auxiliary to the Grain Growers (Oakville, MB) for 1916-1918. The mintue book for 1976-1981 also contains the minute book of The Red Cross Emergency Unit, Brandon Hills for December 1943-1947.
Description by Christy Henry.
Storage Location
2006 accessions
Storage Range
2006 accessions
Related Material
Albert Angus Murray McPherson collection (21-2006)
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Prairie Horizons Toastmistress Club fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
6 cm
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of minutes, the pages of the charter dinner guest book, "Go for the Gold" membership marathon instructions and poster, and a scrapbook containing photographs, momentos and a history (summary) of the Priarie Horizons Toastmistress Club 1976-1982.
Name tags and pins culled. Description by Christy Henry.
Storage Location
2006 accessions
Storage Range
2006 accessions
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Grand Valley School District #206 fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1935, 1945, 1968
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
1935, 1945, 1968
Physical Description
6 cm
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of correspondence, newsclippings, reminiscences, historical information about Grand Valley, name and address lists for students and teachers, invitations to Grand Valley School District reunions (1935 and 1968), the program for the dedication ceremonies and reunion picnic (1968), and the guest book for the 1968 reunion and cairn dedication. The latter includes 3 photographs.
Description by Christy Henry.
Storage Location
2006 accessions
Storage Range
2006 accessions
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RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Fonds Number
RG 5
multiple media
History / Biographical
This record group was artifically created in January 2007 by Tom Mitchell and Christy Henry of the McKee Archives.
Scope and Content
The record group consists of various fonds and collections concerned with the political, cultural, social, and educational life of western Manitoba. See the Subject Access field for a list of titles.
Description written by Christy Henry (2007).
Subject Access
Joseph H. Hughes
Canadian Federation of University Women
Verna Gamey
Brandon Cinema Club
Birtle Indian Residential School
Brandon Assisted Passage Association
Binscarth Women's Institute
Griswold School District
Manitoba School Trustees Regional Association
Riverbank/Berbank Red Cross
A.C. Miller
C.J. Barnes
David Sommerville Charleson
Southwest A Region Manitoba Women's Institute
Berbank Ladies Aid
Berbank Church
Blyth Protestant School District #471
Crown Protestant School District #184
Ward Watson
Laurie V. Smith
Marion Doig
Elm Creek/Wingham Branch United Farmers of Manitoba
Roseland Church
Fairfax United Church
Humesville & Forrest Women's Missionary Society
Chater Protestant School District
William Wallace
United Grain Growers
G.R. Rowe
Cecil Herbert Edward Johnston
Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium
Brandon Art Club
James Duncan McGregor
Stephan Adolph Magnacca
Harry "Hap" Fraser
Leslie Victor Robson
Bertha School District #861
Manitoba Genealogical Society
Brandon Golf & Country Club
Keystone Centre Development and Construction
Manitoba Elevator Company
B.J. Hales
Brandon Council of Women
Westman Oral History
Mildred (Mollie) Kellet
Gerald McKinney
Janet Donnelly
Minnedosa OddFellows
Basswood OddFellows
Archibald E. Wilson
Audrey Silvius
Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir
Lawrence Stuckey
Minnedosa Women's Institute
Clanwilliam Women's Institute
Cordova Women's Institute
Crocus Women's Institute
Rathwell Women's Institute
Strathclair Women's Institute
Manitoba Women's Institute
Brandon Business & Professional Women's Club
Minnedosa Business & Professional Women's Club
Neepawa Business & Professional Women's Club
Brandon Women's Musical Club
International Toastmistress Club - Land O'Lakes Region
Fred McGuinness
Reg Forbes
Jack Stothard
Janet Louisa May More
William J. Birtles
Ruby Miles
Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Brandon & District Labour Council (CLC)
Westman Multi-Cultural Council
Westman Coalition on Equality Rights
Martin Kavanagh
James Buckley
James Douglas Wall
Brandon Women's Institute
Trilliam Business & Professional Women's Club
Westridge Senior Citizens
Kodaly in Manitoba
WARUCC - Western Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada
Margaret Laurence Endowment
Douglas Women's Institute
Albert Angus Murray McPherson
Edward Walker
Alexander MacPhail
Inventory of Archival Material in Western Manitoba Project
Greenway Fair
Brandon Hills Busy Bees
Prairie Horizons Toastmistress Club
Grand Valley School District #206
Douglas Brolund
Norma Laird
Brandon Square Dancing Club
Tully McKenzie
Basswood School District
Anna Enns
Frank Robb
Bankburn School District
John Crawford
J.C. Cousins
William Ridley Sheridan Wade
Mary Schwalm
Robert (Bert) Lane
Ross Hume
Quincy H. Martinson
Helen Dutka
Dorothy Frances Davidson
Brandon Sno-Goers Snowmobile Club
Brandon Folk, Music & Art Society, Inc.
Baker family
Brandon Daily Sun microfilm
Western Manitoba Home Economic Association
Hubert Weidenhamer
Len Evans
Henry Hlady
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Westman Recycling Council
Herbert Goodland
Storage Location
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Storage Range
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
The fonds and collections in RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript collection have been arranged primarily by accession number.
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Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Date Range
1884-1981; predominant 1955-1975
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Stephen Adolph Magnacca
Description Level
Accession Number
Date Range
1884-1981; predominant 1955-1975
Physical Description
32.5 cm of textual records 21 photographs, various sizes
Material Details
Includes 5 audiocassettes, 1 scrapbook, 2 maps, 2 theatre programs, ca. 40 postcards, ca. 25 brochures and programs, ca. 20 posters
Physical Condition
Very good
History / Biographical
Stephen Adolph Magnacca was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on 12 October 1902. He joined the Winnipeg Highland Cadets at the age of twelve. In 1940 he was posted to Brandon, Manitoba, where he opened the A4 Training Camp. After the Second World War, Magnacca was transferred to the militia from active service and became a hospital manager with the Department of Veteran Affairs. He resigned in 1947. Although he left the service, Magnacca remained interested in military matters. For the next three decades, he attended functions at CFB Rivers and CFB Shilo. He also collected clippings about the activities of the Canadian militia. As well, Magnacca was interested in civic affairs. In 1961 he was elected mayor of Brandon, a position he held until 1969. Many of his mayoral projects were connected with the military, including an attempt to build a new road to CFB Shilo, an effort to prevent the closure of CFB Rivers, and the coordination of a Freedom of the City Ceremony. In 1967, Magnacca was made honorary colonel of the 26th Field Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery. A construction boom in the city marked Magnacca’s term as mayor. Throughout the sixties, Magnacca was instrumental in the building of the Keystone Centre, the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium, a new city hall, and the residential subdivisions of Riverheights and Kirkcaldy Heights. Magnacca’s business interests aided the development of these subdivisions—during this time he was president of Magnacca Real Estate and general manager of the Magnacca Housing Project. Besides being a colonel, a mayor, and a president of a real estate company, Magnacca held numerous other titles. These included at different times president of the Brandon Lions Club, president of the Royal Canadian Legion Brandon Branch No. 3, treasurer of the Brandon Progressive Conservative Association, and director of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in Brandon. In recognition of these efforts, Magnacca was named a member of the Order of Canada in 1973.In the middle of the seventies, Magnacca was active in historical pursuits. He became president of the Assiniboine Historical Society and helped to establish the Brandon Daly House Museum. To prevent Brandon’s Prince Edward Hotel from being demolished, he formed a protest group called “Save the Eddy.” In his spare time, he wrote unpublished accounts of local political figures and collected various artifacts. A member of St. Matthew’s Cathedral, religion was important to Magnacca. Also important to him were hard work, efficiency, and hierarchy. He was a British loyalist and was devoted to public service and political life. As mayor, he prized industrial and urban development. Much of his public life was dedicated to furthering awareness of governmental and industrial activities. Magnacca’s wife, Grace, played an integral role in her husband’s career, attending numerous networking and volunteer functions, and often organizing his activities. They had two children, Patricia (Coleman) and Allan. On 4 August 1980, at the age of seventy-seven, Stephen Adolph Magnacca passed away due to heart failure.
Custodial History
Little is known of the custodial history of the fonds. On 1 May 1995 Magnacca’s Thomas Mayne Daly collection and Magnacca’s Manitoba Historical Society papers were deposited in the Archives.
Scope and Content
The fonds consists of minutes of meetings; correspondence with politicians and military officials; newspaper clippings of military affairs; documents about governmental and military celebrations; notes on Louis Riel; a manuscript about Thomas Mayne Daly and other local politicians; papers of the Daly House museum; issues of nineteenth-century Brandon newspapers, and various historical artifacts. The fonds is valuable for researchers interested in Brandon city council history 1882-1969, regional military history 1955-1975, and general Manitoba history 1882-1981. For social historians, this fonds is important because it demonstrates which actions and which beliefs gave Magnacca access to his many esteemed positions. Historians of gender will discover that Magnacca had a specific definition of masculinity that permeated all his activities in the public realm. The fonds is divided into four series, including: (1) mayoral papers; (2) historical interests; (3) military interests; and (4) photographs.
Description by Tom Mitchell. Biographical sketch: Information in the biographical sketch comes from the fonds itself, as well as from two articles of the Brandon Sun: “Steve Magnacca warmly recalled,” Tuesday, 5 August 1980, p. 1; and “Brandon loses one of its finest,” 5 August 1980, p. 3. Biographical information about Stephen Adolph Magnacca is located in the Biography Files of the McKee Archives. Associated material: Brandon Sun: “Man for the Sixties,” 30 December 1969; “History Comes Alive,” 15 June 1978; “Tenure Appointment,” 18 October 1978; “Steve Magnacca warmly recalled,” Tuesday, 5 August 1980, p. 1; “Brandon loses one of its finest,” 5 August 1980, p. 3; and “Magnacca,” 9 August 1980, p. 16, located on microfiilm in the John E. Robbins Library at Brandon University.
Original processing of records and preparation of finding aid by Donica Belisle (22 July 1999)
Finding Aid
Patricia Coleman, daughter of Stephen Adolph Magnacca, provided the funding for the creation of this finding aid.
Storage Location
1998 accessions
Related Material
Twenty-four file drawers at the Brandon Daly House Museum contain records donated by Magnacca that deal with local political, military, and economic history.
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Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds: Mayoral interests
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
textual records
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Series Number
File Number
Accession Number
textual records
Date Range
Physical Description
13 cm
History / Biographical
See fonds-level description of the Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Custodial History
See fonds-level description of the Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Scope and Content
Series consists of inaugural speeches, quarterly reports, documents about the closure of CFB Rivers, documents about Magnacca's proposal to build a new road to CFB Shilo, and documents about military and governmental celebrations in Brandon during the 1960s.
Storage Location
Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 1
Storage Range
Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 1
Box 1 1.1 Clipping: “City Getting Black Eye in Rural Areas?” [1963] 1.2 Notes from the mayor’s office 1964-5 1.3 Mayoral speeches 1964-5 1.4 Documents re: closure of CFB Rivers 1966-9 1.5 Papers of the Special Committee of the Future of CFB Rivers 1966-1968 1.6 Minutes of meetings re: clusure of CFB Rivers 1966 1.7 Clippings re: closure of CFB Rivers 1966-75 1.8 Correspondence re: closure of CFB Rivers 1963-9 1.9 Mayor’s office notes re: CFB Rivers [1966] 1.10 Documents re: proposal to build road to CFB Shilo 1962-9 1.11 Correspondence re: aircraft displays 1969 1.12 Documents re: Freedom of the City Ceremony 1967 1.13 Documents re: Squadron 408 1962
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Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds: Historical interests
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
textual records
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Series Number
File Number
Accession Number
textual records
Date Range
Physical Description
13 cm
History / Biographical
See fonds-level description for Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Custodial History
See fonds-level description for Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Scope and Content
Series consists of antiquarian objects, such as postcards and theatre programs; an anonymous manuscript entitled "There's Something About British Israel;" clippings about Louis Riel; documents about Thomas Mayne Daly, notably Magnacca's manuscript entitled "Our First Mayor;" and documents of the Daly House Museum.
Storage Location
Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 2
Storage Range
Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 2
Box 2 2.1 2 Brandon Mail newspapers 1884 2.2 Postcards and invitations 1888-1911 2.3 Theatre programs from London, England 1896 2.4 1 Citizen’s Examiner newspaper 1926 2.5 Clippings re: Coronation Day 1937 2.6 Clippings re: Louis Riel 1967-72 2.7 Scrapbook about Manitoba history [197-] 2.8 Biographical information about T. Mayne Daly 1962-79 2.9 Biographical information about T. Mayne Daly [1978] 2.10 Biographical information about T. Mayne Daly 1978 2.11 Manuscript: “Our First Mayor,” by S. A. Magnacca 1978 2.12 “Our First Mayor” and a pamphlet about Daly 1979 2.13 “Our First Mayor” and a clipping re: H. Mayne Daly 1978 2.14 Correspondence re: publishing of “Our First Mayor” 1978 2.15 Documents of the Daly House Museum 1977-9 2.16 Documents of the Daly House Museum 1978-81 2.17 Correspondence of Grace Magnacca and the Daly House Museum 1981 2.18 Documents of the Manitoba Historical Society 1978-9 2.19 Manuscript: “Something About British Israel,” anonymous [191-] 2.20 Documents re: St. Matthew’s Cathedral 1952-63
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Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds: Military interests
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Series Number
File Number
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
Physical Description
6.5 cm of textual records and audiocassettes
History / Biographical
See fonds-level description of the Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Custodial History
See fonds-level description of the Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Scope and Content
Series consists of clippings about military activities, especially those of soldiers; audiocassettes of speeches and radio broadcasts; documents about celebrations at Shilo; and newsletters of the Brandon Flying Club.
Storage Location
Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 2
Storage Range
Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 2
Box 2 3.1 Audiocassettes of British broadcasts and local mayoral speeches [196-] 3.2 Photocopies of The Quill [1916 and 1919] and a speech to university students about the military [196-] 3.3 Clippings re: S. A. Magnacca and soldiers 1961-75 3.4 Clippings re: military activities 1935-75 3.5 Clippings re: military activities 1956-75 3.6 Documents re: governmental celebrations 1964-9 3.7 Programs of military functions 1967-78 3.8 Brandon Flying Club newsletters 1974 3.9 Posters and documents of Shilo celebrations 1967-752.1
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Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds: Photographs
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
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Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
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Physical Description
21 black and white photgraphs, various sizes
History / Biographical
See fonds-level description Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Custodial History
See fonds-level description Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds.
Scope and Content
Series consists of 21 photos. Included are pictures of Stephen Adolph Magnacca as mayor (1961-1969), Freedom of the City photos (1967), and a print of Thomas Mayne Daly (ca. 1880s).
Stored in Box 1
Storage Location
Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 1
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Stephen Adolph Magnacca fonds - Box 1
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Leslie Victor Robson fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
multiple media
Date Range
1926-1975 ; predominant 1930-1940
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
multiple media
Date Range
1926-1975 ; predominant 1930-1940
Physical Description
31 cm textual records; 1 b&w photograph - approx. 50 x 20cm (torn in half); 1 ribbon from the International Pool Conference of 1928
History / Biographical
Leslie Victor Robson was born in Deleau, Manitoba in 1893. Following graduation from the Manitoba Agricultural College in 1915, he began a career in farming near Deleau, Manitoba. Robson married Edna Chapman in 1917. He was active in farm organizations, the co-operative movement and the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Robson focused his farming activities on raising purebread polled herefords. His stock was exhibited across Canada and the United States and sold in Great Britain, Japan and Czechoslovakia. In 1977, he was made a member of the Canadian Hereford Honour Roll. Leslie Victor Robson died in 1977.
Custodial History
This fonds was donated to the McKee Archives in 1995 by Clarke M. Robson of Deleau, Manitoba.
Scope and Content
This fonds contains booklets and issues of newspapers from the Canadian prairie provinces concerning the CCF, the Independant Labor Party, the UFM, the Canadian farming co-op movement, Manitoba Pool Elevators, and the early NDP. Also included are publications of the CCF including "The Commonwealth," the Canadian Department of Agriculture, the League for Social Reconstruction, the NDP, the UFM, and Manitoba Pool Elevators. The single photograph is a group picture of mostly men taken at the International Wheat Conference of 1926 in St. Paul, Minnesota. It includes Colin H. Burnell, Fawcett W. Ransom, and Dick Mahoney.
CAIN No. 202653
Subject Access
J. W. Noseworthy
V.S. Alanne
Helen Watson
Tommy C. Douglas
Department of Agriculture
The Commonwealth
Canadian Cooperater
Pool Elevators
Cooperative Consumer
Independent Labor Party
Storage Location
1998 accessions
Storage Range
1998 accessions
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Brandon Cinema Club fonds
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
textual records
Date Range
Accession Number
Part Of
RG 5 Western Manitoba Manuscript Collection
Description Level
Accession Number
textual records
Date Range
Physical Description
1 cm
History / Biographical
The Cinema Club of Brandon was formally created in May 1954, and operated for two and one-half years before dissolving due to lack of interest. The club was formed for the purpose of providing private screenings, on a non-profit basis, of films that normally would not have been exhibited in commercial theatres in Brandon. Films had to be assessed by the club membership as outstanding in quality. During its existence, the club sponsored the screening of two to three movies every second Sunday.
Custodial History
This fonds was accessioned by the McKee archives in 1997. Prior custodial history is unknown.
Scope and Content
Fonds includes a minute book that contains a record of each meeting held by the Brandon Cinema Club and a list of the elected executives. It also includes a file of newspaper clippings from the Brandon Sun about the Cinema Club.
CAIN No. 202661
Subject Access
R.A. Clement
Steffan Kossak
Beryl Burtnick
Walter Richardson
Storage Location
1997 accessions
Storage Range
1997 accessions
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